Dylan Moses fresh off of his commitment to Alabama (Photo by John Garcia, Jr.)

Scout sits down with new five-star Alabama linebacker commitment Dylan Moses for the first of a three-part series

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Scout sat down with Dylan Moses shortly after his Alabama commitment and brings readers exclusive content, beginning with the pledge and the time since.

Perhaps the college football recruit able to experience the process longer than any other in the modern era, Dylan Moses decided to end that hunt for his services on Sunday while finishing up an official visit to Alabama.

The five-star Bradenton (Fla.) IMG standout had been leaning towards Nick Saban's program off and on for years and once Les Miles was fired by LSU, it became the favorite. He had already scheduled the official visit to Tuscaloosa for the weekend and let Saban know his intent to play for him while driving the coach's golf cart after breakfast at his house.

The news, which went public several hours later, sent shock waves through the college football world.

"We had a conversation and I told him I wanted to commit," Moses said. "He said he would be honored and they would stand by it. He said he was proud since I had been working so hard and that since eighth grade he’s known what I can do."

The top 10 prospect in the country, in his Twitter announcement, mentioned shutting down the process and not taking visits elsewhere ahead of an early high school graduation. That remains the plan.

"I’m 100 percent committed," he said. "As long as Nick Saban is coaching there, I’m good. You don’t have to worry about nothing. Schools were respectful with me, they were saying they were proud of me for my decision and they wish me well down the road. 

"My family was happy, it wasn’t one of those things where someone was mad or upset. Everybody is supportive of me and they’re ready to see me at the next level."


Moses' parents were with him on the trip and he sat down with them to break things down before delivering the news to Saban. But after it got out, there was another element of surprise but this one came towards the top prospect, it wasn't initiated by him. 

"Man, them LSU fans really showed they true colors," he said. "It was crazy. Them fans, I don’t even know what to say about them. They were sending death threats, it was crazy." 

It was the first time one of the most hyped prospects in the modern recruiting era had received death threats of any kind.

"I was like, ‘what?!’ At first it shocked me but then I started laughing," he said. "It’s like y’all wanted me to come over there and play for y’all and y’all switch up just like that.

"That really just clarified everything."

Moses, who admits he would be heading to play for LSU should Miles have remained its head coach, says he is only focused on the Crimson Tide going forward no matter what happens with the Tigers next hire.

"It’s like a committed relationship, I’m worried about that individual right there," he said while making a pointing gesture in reference to Alabama. "In the past 24 hours I wasn’t able to focus because my phone was blowing up, but now it’s all good. Everything has smoothed out.

"People know I’m committed, I can focus on school now and I only have two and a half more months and I’m out. I’m ready to get it over with."

The only likely recruiting visits for Moses going forward will be back to Tuscaloosa and he plans on helping the chase for another recruiting national title both on campus and otherwise.

"I’m Dylan Moses the recruiter, now. We’re trying to build a dynasty," he said. "It’s going to be a surprise, y’all are gonna see.

"Tell ‘Bama fans they better get ready for a show, that’s all I gotta say."



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