Scouting David Brown

<i></i> got a chance to watch stellar D-Line recruit David Brown in action Friday night and came away impressed.

Rated a four-star prospect by, Brown (6-3, 265, 4.8) and his Bob Jones High School team participated in a pre-season scrimmage.

Some of our impressions:

  • Brown is a dominating presence on the field--a real physical specimen. He is obviously the team leader, but is not a cheerleader.
  • On any given down, Brown does his job to near perfection, and then gets ready for the next play. Friday he played both tackle and end.
  • Fundamentally, he is as sound as any high school athlete we have seen and much more than most. He keeps a low center of gravity and has an extremely quick first step.
  • Brown keeps his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, even in pursuit. While moving side to side, his legs never cross, and his eyes are always up keeping the action in view.
  • Crucial for a D-Line recruit, Brown uses his hands better than any high school kid we have seen and as well as a lot of college DLs.
  • In pursuing a play, his hips stay low and, as mentioned before, his shoulders stay square to the LOS. For that reason, it's doubtful he will be easily blind-sided, chop-blocked or trapped this season.
  • David has the look of an extremely disciplined athlete. He never over-ran a play and never got too much penetration. That is hard to coach on any level.
  • Additionally, it was obvious by his post-snap reaction that he can read the offensive line blocking schemes very well.

As a teacher and long-time coach, just as impressive to me was what I saw when David was not in the game. On the sideline and around his coaches it was always "yes sir," and "no sir" to the coach that was talking to him.

When he wasn't on the field, Brown spent his bench time encouraging his teammates.

There is little doubt that David Brown is exactly the kind of player Alabama needs to sign in this year's recruiting class.

RECRUITING NOTES: The Madison lineman sports scholarship offers from scores of big-time colleges, including most from the surrounding states. The Alabama coaches will make defensive linemen a priority in this year's class, and Brown is one of their top targets.

Brown could play either defensive end or defensive tackle on the college level.

Brown is an extremely intelligent young man, for whom education is important. He's been impressed with Notre Dame. However, he also likes Alabama, and there's reason to believe that recently the Tide has gained momentum.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As most Alabama Internet fans know, David Bittinger is a veteran teacher and coach in the state high school ranks. He's taking a break this season from coaching, and the good news in that regard is he'll have more opportunities to attend other prep games, scouting various players.

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