Stuart McNair

Weekly predictions are getting the winners, but missing on scores

Alabama at Tennessee heads the list of SEC games to be picked this week

The note, carefully printed, accompanied this week’s selections from the Almost Perfect Picks Department at We could see them crowded just outside the door of the Situation Room to see our reaction.

“Considering our record in selecting winners is 49-8, a little over a 6-1 ratio, we respectfully note that this would be a ROUT in that worldwide recognized game of football, which we call soccer.”

The looks on the faces of the nerds as we crumpled the note and tossed it away almost…ALMOST…made us wish we were a bit more sensative.

The problem is not in picking the winners. Our geek squad has been very good at that, a second consecutive week of perfection. But with Florida and LSU unable to play last week, there were only five games. And, yes, the APP, as they proudly pointed out, did get all the winners right to improve to 49-8 in picking the winners.

But there is more to it for many of our followers. Against the point spread, or line, the APP was well above average at 3-1. (Texas A&M’s 45-38 win was right on the line, a “push,” meaning no winner and no loser.) That means that for 2016, the total is 20 right, 30 wrong.

The APP had been pretty good regarding the over-under (combined number of points by both teams), but had a collective brain cramp last week. Selecting the under when Vanderbilt played Kentucky was no evidence of genius, and that’s the only game in which the nerds got it right. So that 1-4 result dropped the level of success to barely above water at 27-24.

The geek gang has a short week to get it right. They took off Columbus Day on Monday – that’s right, Columbus Day. Maybe that’s appropriate. Columbus was looking for Asia and found the Carribean, which is about the same success as our APP Department. Now they have to be ready by Friday morning because Mississippi State will be at BYU on Friday night.

After that there are five more games involving Southeastern Conference teams, weather permitting. The big one, of course, is No. 1 ranked Alabama at No. 9 Tennessee at 3:30 p.m. EDT (2:30 central time) Saturday.

Other games that have the slide rules humming in the APP Department are Vanderbilt at Georgia, Missouri at Florida, Ole Miss at Arkansas, and LSU hosting a non-conference opponent, Southern Miss. Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Texas A&M are taking the weekend off.

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