Alabama Coach Nick Saban says he has to keep grinding

Alabama Coach Nick Saban looks ahead to winning next game

There is no satisfying Alabama Coach Nick Saban. Consider what Saban has done as he has reached the halfway point (not counting this year’s post-season) since coming to Alabama.

The most amazing, of course, is Alabama winning four national championships since 2009.

Saban’s Crimson Tide team is ranked first in the nation with a 6-0 record this year, and Bama has been ranked No. 1 at some point in every one of the Alabama seasons since 2008.

His Bama teams have a record of 111-18, with six of those losses coming in his first season as he took over the rebuilding job.

No one has ever done it better.

This week Saban takes his Alabama team to Knoxville to take on ninth-ranked Tennessee, a team Saban’s Tide has defeated nine straight years.

So what did Saban have to say Wednesday?

“I don't take any satisfaction in anything we've done here, because I'm just worried about winning this game. It's a slippery pull from the penthouse to the outhouse when you're in this business. So you don't take satisfaction. That's what causes lapses in games.

"You take satisfaction when the score is 42-17, and then you go out and get your ass kicked in the next series. So you can't take satisfaction. You have to keep on grinding. That's what competitive people do and that's what competitors do and certainly what you have to do in this game?"

What brought this on?

Saban was asked how he could characterize what Butch Jones has done in rebuilding the Tennessee program, with the additional question as to whether Saban – who has rebuilt Alabama – finds it satisfying to rebuild a traditional program.

Before getting to the “satisfaction” issue, Saban said, “"I think Butch Jones has done a fabulous job there. These guys had a really good team last year, they finished the season strong. I don't know how many games in a row they'd won, 12 or 13 or 15, however many it was (it was 11, going back to the Vols’ 19-14 loss to Alabama last year). That's pretty strong.

“The only loss they have is to a top five or six team in the country (last week in double overtime at Texas A&M) and they certainly weren't that way when he took the program over. He's doing a good job of developing players, doing a good job of recruiting players, and they do an outstanding job and I think Butch has done an outstanding job there.”

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