Serious building going on

With the arrival of a huge crane for lifting steel girders into place, the skeleton of the Football Complex Annex has begun to take shape. <br><br>The Power Plant/Track Stadium Entryway is also taking shape.

(Above left) A large power-plant building is being erected, between Coleman Coliseum and the existing track stadium. As part of the renovations a new vaulted entrance to the stadium is also being built.

Its actual purpose may be mundane, but when finished the power plant will be quite attractive. Note the UA insignia which was attached a couple of weeks ago. Workers use scaffolding to brick up the outside of the structure. On the opposite wall facing the track stadium itself, a new scoreboard will be put in place.

With the steel frame of the Football Complex Annex going up in the background, Tide players stretch before practice. When finished the bottom floor will be taken up completely by a state-of-the-art weight room with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the practice fields. NOTE: In this photo only 1/3 of the metal framework is in place.

Using a large crane, a steel girder is first hooked up to be lifted into place. In the background the North edge of the existing building has been cut away, allowing for the new structure to be attached. NOTE to the far left on the second floor the silver covering. Behind that wall is the media room, where Mike Shula holds his weekly press conferences. The row of offices to the right have been emptied, but that space will remain in use during construction.

Straddling a second-floor girder, a workman welds a connecting joint together. When work on the addition is finished, the workmen will begin a complete renovation of the existing facility.

The crane brought in earlier this month is obviously big enough for a much taller structure. When finished, the second-floor of the Annex will feature a luxurious corner office occupied by Mike Shula. He'll have a balcony overlooking the practice fields, and will be able to take recruits and their families out to view the newly renovated practice field area. Latest plans call for a new practice field to be laid out on the area previously taken up by the old Tennis Stadium. The new field will probably be covered by Field Turf, which is also installed in the Indoor Facility.

Viewed from the front, an artist's rendering of the completed Football Complex with the new construction to the right.

As the second part of the major facilities upgrades involving football, the renovation of Bryant Hall has also begun. Workers are busy inside the present structure. All the old windows and doors have been removed. When finished, the former football dormitory will be transformed into a state-of-the-art Academic Support Center, serving all of Alabama's scholarshipped athletes, including an equal contingent of engineering students.

Artist's rendering of the completed Bryant Hall. Note to the left and left rear the new dormitory, which The University will build to jointly house freshmen and sophomore athletes and Engineering students.

To make way for construction on the Football Complex Annex, the old outdoor Tennis Stadium was razed. Work on the new outdoor Tennis Stadium, which will go up next to the existing Softball Field, has not begun.

As part of the expansion of the existing Student Recreation Center, preliminary grading near the Soccer Field has started. Stands and a pavillion, including rest rooms, and lockerroom facilities will be part of the completed Soccer facility. However, beyond preliminary ground preparation, that work hasn't yet begun.

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