Stuart McNair

Almost Perfect Picks Department back on its game with SEC predictions

Alabama has an open date, but the pickers on the job

The Geek Gang came strolling into work Monday morning at the offices and the nerds were grinning like they had discovered how to grow chest hair. It wasn’t as if they had absolutely nailed last week’s predictions of Southeastern Conference games, but after a couple of sub-par weeks it did look better.

And, one of the Geeks said, if they had waited until the Alabama line had moved to 19 instead of guessing when it was 18 ½, it would have been a little better.

Alabama defeated Texas A&M by 19 points, 33-14. The prediction had been Bama 34, Aggies 24.

The nerd also wanted us to be sure we noticed they had correctly picked the Kentucky upset of Mississippi State.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Here’s what they did, and we have to admit it was pretty good.

They were correct on picking 6-7 winners (Missouri lost to Middle Tennessee), were 4-2 against the points spread, and 3-3 on the over-under.

That means for the year, the Almost Perfect Picks Department is 59-11 in picking Southeastern Conference winners, 24-37 against the points spread (or line), and 33-30 on the over-under (number of points to be scored by both teams).

We’re cracking the whip this week since we don’t want them thinking that just because Alabama has an open date that they don’t have to go to work.

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