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Almost Perfect Picks Department didn’t see the Tennessee train wreck coming

The line thing continues to give our predictions team problems

The Geek Gang in the Almost Perfect Picks Department at insists that one reason for their problems this year is that they are football experts and since they are not playing football in the Southeastern Conference East Division that is affecting their predictions.

The nerds are in luck this week because all eyes will be on the SEC West, specifically the matchup of No. 1 ranked Alabama at No. 14 LSU on Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

And then it was pointed out, “If you guys have so much trouble picking football in the SEC East, then how do you explain picking Kentucky to upset Missouri and thereby winning against the point spread and also hitting the under?”

Kentucky vs. Missouri is not really football, they explained. But in getting four of six outright winners correct in Week 9, they were 4-2 – both misses coming in the big SEC East games. They missed on thinking Georgia would upset Florida and also missed (along with the rest of the English speaking world) in not seeing Tennessee being upset at South Carolina.

“We knew Kirby Smart could keep runners like Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in check when he was coaching against them,” Geek No. 1 whined. “We didn’t realize he would also figure out a way to stop them when he was coaching for them. As for Tennessee, we think some of those players who announced they are quitting had already done so at South Carolina.”

In the five games in which there was a point spread (or line), the APP was only 2-3 and against the over-under (number of combined points to be scored by both teams) it also was 2-3.

For the year, the APP is 63-13 in predicting SEC winners, 26-40 against the spread, and 35-33 against the over-under.

This week, in addition to Alabama at LSU, the APP will be looking at Georgia Southern at Ole Miss, Vanderbilt at Auburn, Texas A&M at Mississippi State, Florida at Arkansas, Missouri at South Carolina, Tennessee Tech at what’s left of Tennessee, and Georgia at Kentucky as all 14 teams are in action.

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