Stuart McNair

Alabama’s 10-0 win over LSU was about as predicted

Almost Perfect Picks Department shifts the blame

One of the Geek Gang was waiting for me when I got to the office Monday morning, which is very unusual. Those in the Almost Perfect Picks Department at tend to be late workers. I thought maybe after last week’s performance that perhaps they had decided to change tactics.

I should have known better. It seems it wasn’t their fault.

“Hey, Boss,” the Early Nerd said. “We’ve got a request.”

Actually, it was almost reasonable.

“Is there any chance we could get the SEC East moved to the MAC or something so we didn’t have to try to figure them out?”

I could see the point. They had been riding the Kentucky horse, but the Wildcats couldn’t win a must-win, critical home game against a foundering Georgia team. Florida could have just about wrapped up the East championship with a win over an Arkansas team that had been humiliated in its previous game against Auburn. Speaking of Auburn, the Commodores dropped three passes that could have given them an upset win at not-to-be-renovated Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Obviously, there is nothing that could be done about it, but we had to admire the thinking of shipping the East teams out of the Southeastern Conference.

We really couldn’t blame them for missing one of the SEC West games by a country mile, as they say around Starkville. How in the world did Texas A&M – fourth in the initial College Football Playoff poll – lose to Mississippi State?

“We nailed that Alabama-LSU game, didn’t we, Boss?” said the Geek, seemingly beginning to realize it was going to be back to work picking all SEC games this week. True, Alabama’s 10-0 win in Tiger Stadium met all the criteria of the 24-10 prediction, even though it was far off the mark.

Last week the Almost Perfect Picks were 5-3 on picking the winner, but only 3-4 against the points spread (there was no line on the Tennessee game) and 3-3 vs. the over-under (combined points scored by both teams). There was no o-u decision because the game fell right on the number, 51, with Georgia’s 27-24 win.

Thus, for the year, the APP is 68-16 in picking the winners, but only 29-44 against the line and 38-36 vs. the over-under.

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