Stuart McNair

Almost Perfect Picks Department was actually perfect on Alabama prediction

In week of upsets, Alabama played close to form with 51-3 win

One of the Geek Gang was anxious for a pat on the head following what most would call a very average performance. But it came on a weekend of major upsets, including a couple in the Southeastern Conference that caught the Almost Perfect Picks Department off guard.

We did give the boys down the hall in the Situation Room at the offices of credit for their insight on the Alabama-Mississippi State game. We didn’t see anyone who came closer to the final score of 51-3 than the APP nerds who had Alabama winning by 42-6. They also nailed Florida over South Carolina. In both cases they got the winner, were correct against the spread (or line), and were right on the over-under (total points scored by both teams).

Even on the upset games, Georgia over Auburn and Ole Miss over Texas A&M, they salvaged their over-under picks, as they did when missing on their upset special. Vanderbilt was unable to defeat Missouri in a game of deplorables. (And, surely, that’s the last time we’ll hear that term.)

The APP was correct on 4 teams winning outright, and missed on 3. It was also 4-3 against the spread, and 5-2 vs. the over-under.

That brings the yearly record to 72-19 on picking the correct winner, but 33-47 against the line, and 43-38 on the over-under.

This week there are 10 games involving Southeastern Conference teams, and at least eight of them could be correctly predicted by anyone who has followed college football to any extent. We’ll see how the Geek Gang does with this weekend of slam dunks.

There are upsets every week in college football, and last week there were high-profile surprises. But Southern Cal (winner of Washington), Iowa (beat Michigan), Pittsburgh (downed Clemson), and Georgia (surprised Auburn) are teams that have ability. The SEC teams this week have some real cupcakes.

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