Stuart McNair

Almost Perfect Picks Department had Alabama, but missed on most

Bowl season last chance for Gang of Geeks in SEC football predictions

We could hear some agitated conversation coming from the Situation Room in the Almost Perfect Picks Department in the offices of and a few minutes later noticed one of the Nerds slinking out of the office.
“Well, we made it through the election,” he said. “Hey, it was good to get that rain last night, wasn’t it?”
We asked if he had been sent to explain his department’s last week picks of Southeastern Conference games.
We couldn’t hear his reply and asked him to repeat.
“New formula,” he said.
“Like trying to invent Gatorade and coming up with Jonestown Kool-Aid, huh?” we suggested.
“We got the Vandy upset, and were close on Alabama, and…”
We cut him off.
The bottom line was the Geek Gang managed to get the correct winner in only three of six games, was 4-5 in picking against the points spread, and in what had been something of a strength this year missed the over-under (points scored by both teams) at 3-6.
Thus for the year, the APP is at 83-27 in predicting winners, is 40-55 against the line, and 49-47 on the over-under.
They’ll get a final chance on SEC bowl participants, hopefully with a new and improved “formula.”

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