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"Obviously it's very disappointing for us," Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said following his team's loss to Oklahoma. "It's a tough loss for us where we didn't play like we wanted to. Still there were some positive things we can build on and that's important to us."

Tide Head Coach Mike Shula

"They are number one for a reason and we found that out tonight. They are extremely well coached and they have great players. We were sloppy early but we came back and made some plays. After a nice drive we held them and then they got the fake punt and that was a big play. It hurt (us).

"We've got to build on the good things. There's a lot of football left and it's going to take everyone on this team to do that but they will do that. These are some great young men."

ON GAP BETWEEN NO. 1 TEAM & ALABAMA'S PROGRAM: "What we talked to the players about is we've got to look at ourselves first before we compare ourselves to anybody else. 'Are we getting better?'"

"If you lose you have to give your best effort. And I'm not taking anything away from Oklahoma. They are a great team. But we looked sloppy in the beginning. We've got to grow up in a hurry and they will because they are good football players with great attitudes."

ON THE LAST DRIVE THAT RESULTED IN FIELD GOAL: "It shows that our team is resilient. Defensively we were great and that starts with Joe Kines (UA defensive coordinator). They (UA's defense) were very good against the run. Brodie (Croyle) got hit a lot and kept dragging himself back up. They just stayed with it and kept making plays.

Alabama Player Quotes

TB, Shaud Williams: "You have to give credit to Oklahoma. They came in ready to play and they showed why they were the No. 1 team in the nation.

"There are no moral victories in this game. We wanted to come away with a win. Just because we played them close, that does not mean anything to us. We wanted to come out on top."

(On Oklahoma's Defense) "They are good. Their defense is just as good as advertised. A lot of the guys on their defense are going to be playing on Sundays. I think it was good for our offense to gauge where we were and to go up against a good defense. I think we did well, but we can always do better."

OG, Justin Smiley: "You have to give all of the credit to (Oklahoma). They played a tremendous game tonight. We had our chances, but we just didn't get the breaks tonight. I have to give my hat to those guys, they were tremendous.

"We have got to play our game. We were on the verge of breaking through and putting it in a couple of times tonight, but close only counts in horseshoes."

(On Brodie Croyle) "The guy played amazing. He took some really big hits. We did good for the most part tonight. (Oklahoma) was doing some really good blitzes. They were bringing some delayed twists, and the guy that was twisting was hitting him right up under the chin. Brodie made some really nice gains there at the end."

LB, Derrick Pope: "I think we performed well. We let a few plays get past us, but as a team I think we grew and we are going to learn from our mistakes and we are going to better ourselves."

"I think we sent the message that we can play with the best. The type of mistakes that we made, if we could have turned those around then the game would have been the opposite way."

LB, Demeco Ryans: "We performed well. I think we just gave away one too many big plays."

"I think we sent the message that we are not a fluke team, like everyone passed us off to be, because of the past year. I think everyone saw that we can play with the best."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

"My compliments to an excellent Alabama team. It was a hard fought game. To hold the lead the entire game is not easy, against a team like Alabama."

(On the fake punt) "We practiced it this week. There was a time earlier in the game when I regretted not calling it but we got another chance. I feel like in some of these games away from home, you need to make some (play) calls and we had the guts to go for it and it worked."

(On Quarterback Jason White) "Jason's operating in a great way right now managing the offense and throwing the football."

(On Alabama) "This is a great program. Places like this, they appreciate good football. They've won enough around here that they are not jealous of anyone else. They're a good team, which doesn't surprise anybody."

Oklahoma Player Quotes

QB, JASON WHITE: "Tonight felt great. The fake punt gave us the momentum. It was a great call. Coach Stoops made a great call, and since we had the momentum, we went with the deep shot and we got the game back. I'm pretty happy with my performance."

ON THE LONG PASS: "It was a great call by Coach Stoops. We kind of knew what defense they would be in so we went for it and it was a great call."

ON THE ALABAMA DEFENSE: "That was a great defense. They've got a lot of talent. Their defensive line was big and they were good and their secondary was great. Any secondary that plays man coverage against our receivers is great. They will win a lot of ball games."

ON THE CROWD: "The fans here were really great. The biggest thing I noticed was they were extremely loud. I think it's great for Alabama to have fans like these but our fans that drove down were great, too."

ON HIS PASSING PERFORMANCE: "It started with the offensive line. They gave me great protection and I had all night to throw. Plus my receivers caught everything I threw at them."

ON BEING HEALTHY: "Everyone knows over the last couple of years I hadn't made it past my second start at quarterback. So it feels really good to survive this game without an injury."

DT, TOMMIE HARRIS: ON THE ALABAMA OFFENSE: "It seems like they threw more than last year. They have an NFL type of offense. They ran a lot more short routes this year than last year and that was tough to defend. It was similar to the offense that Washington State ran last year in the Rose Bowl."

ON THE ALABAMA DEFENSE: "I had the utmost respect for those guys with what they went through in the off-season. I hope they have a very successful season."

WR, BRANDON JONES: "We are starting to click on offense. We're working hard at it. We're going to make it a lot better next week than we were tonight."

ON THE CROWD: "The crowd was really impressive. At one point I was out on the field and I started laughing and I said to myself, 'God, it's loud out here. It's hurting my ears.' It was hard coming out here and fighting this crowd and this good team. It makes us feel like we accomplished something important."

"We knew coming in here would be hard and we know we have a long way to go. But tonight we learned how to take control of the bowl and how to take control of the offense. We didn't make stupid turnovers or stupid penalties."

P, BLAKE FERGUSON: ON PUNT FAKE: "It was 4th and 11 and I couldn't believe we were going to run a fake punt. But Coach Stoops drew up a good play. I was really nervous but luckily it worked and it was perfect. I played quarterback in my freshman year in high school but this was my first pass thrown in a game since ninth grade. It was just a shot-put pass right over the line and it worked."

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