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Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s new contract gets some reaction from fans of rivals

Nick Saban’s new contract was the big college sports news of the week

Alabama’s new contract with Nick Saban to coach Crimson Tide football through the 2024 season was the biggest news in college football this week. Bama fans, of course, are ecstatic and they are among many who think Saban may still be underpaid considering the success of the program both on the field and financially.
We were curious how this might be viewed around the Southeastern Conference and checked in on the forums at a few Scout affiliates in the league. Here are a few comments.
From Auburn fans:
“What percentage of that is paid by the taxpayers of Alabama, and what percentage comes from other means?”
We’ll answer that. Alabama, unlike Auburn, doesn’t take state money for athletics. Bama’s athletics department has always been self-sufficient, and, in fact, makes annual donations to The University.
In some cases, Auburn fans answered others. For instance:
“So, a strong percentage of the "faithful" expect Saban to pretty much win every other national title.  
That is the expectation.  NOT hope, EXPECTATION.”
“And what tells you he won't meet those expectations?  He has won 4 of the last 8 and been in the playoff 2 more seasons where he didn't win.”
And this:
“And yet we typically compete on the field with them. Screw em. Will make winning this year all the more fun!”
“But do we? Since Saban has been there we are 3-7 vs Alabama.
    •    we have never won by more than 7 points
    •    They have won by double digits 6 times (36, 28, 49, 11, 16, 18)”
From Tennessee fans:
“He's worth every nickel of it....I can't stand the guy, but damn, he gets the kids.”
“It's been truly remarkable what Nick Saban has been able to do at Alabama with it going from a ho-hum team that'd been playing musical chairs with its head-coaching position to the no-doubt-about-it most talented roster in the nation year-in, year-out. Being able to sit down with one NFL-likely five- and four-star after another and convince them that Tuscaloosa should be their home for the next three years has been one of the most impressive things we've seen in the modern era of collegiate athletics.”
“May as well forget about beating Bama until 2028 when his last recruiting class is gone.”
I for one get tired of hearing Vol fans talk about Bama like they are this untouchable entity. Ole Miss hasn't been fazed by them. A&M hasn't gone jelly-kneed facing them.
“As fans, the last thing we need to do is feed the egos of the Bama fanbase, who relish hearing opponents, but ESPECIALLY UT, talk about them in reverent tones and acting scared to face them. They love hearing it from us, because for decades UT was the primary school in the SEC that went toe to toe with them. Auburn get themselves finally on the football map under Pat Dye (even Shug Jordan won a grand total of 1 SEC title - as well as the national title that same year).”
From Florida fans:
“In this particular case he's worth every penny. Bama is pulling in more money that ever before as a result of the success and popularity of the football program.”
“Bama suffered through some serious doldrums and paid to get out of it....I am wondering if we will ever do the same.”
He is absolutely overpaid by a lot!!! College football is disgusting with the way they give away money!!! This guy is making more money than CEO's of billin dollar corporations!!!”
“Define overpaid. In any business, you are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay you, not a penny more or a penny less. Replace Saban with an average coach making an average coaching salary and the Bama football program would make less money than they do now. When you are the absolute best at something then you can demand more money. If there was a CEO at a corporation who was the main reason that company was the best in the world then that CEO could basically name their price tag. No one else can do what Saban can do, so he gets paid accordingly.”
From Georgia fans:
“Dude has earned it. Probably the greatest college football coach of all time. At least he makes more than Harbaugh now.”
“He’s worth $15-20 million in the grand scheme of things.”

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