CABC dips into why quarterback recruiting in 2018 is more important for Alabama than most think

Alabama fans are comfortable with the young quarterbacks on the roster, but identifying and landing the next QB recruit is still very important. CABC digs into why.

Crimson and Blue Chips returns Friday with the latest on Alabama football as well as recruiting. We go off the cuff today and it sent us into yet another quarterback discussion. It's not about Hurts vs. Tagoaviloa, but more about why the next 'Bama QB recruit is much more important than one may think. We tell you why before more team and recruiting questions answered to wrap up the week of #CABC.


0:00 - Show Intro

1:54 - QB recruiting about more than the next arm up

13:00 - CABC Listener Q&A

28:00 - Show wrap-up


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