Grissom sports two quality linemen

Having been told that linemen Andrew Black and Jason Bosley were both on Alabama's list (though not offered at this time), <i></i> was interested in scouting them during a recent Grissom High School game.

Both have that Division 1a, O-Lineman look--big, but not fat. They work very well together on the right side of the Grissom offensive line. I doubt quarterback Davis Manning will get knocked around much this season.

Andrew Black plays right tackle. He is an outstanding pass blocker. Given his size, he reminds me of a prototype left tackle. Andrew keeps his hands well inside the DL's numbers and keeps a wide base.

Black appeared very disciplined as far as looking for and picking up both the inside and outside blitz.

In my opinion, Andrew really needs to work on run blocking. He comes off the ball too high to be very effective against a good defensive lineman. But I also believe that the tools and athleticism are definitely there for Black to improve that part of his game.

Bosley attended Alabama's mini-camp this past summer.

Jason Bosley (6-4, 280, 5.40) plays right guard. He is also very good as a pass blocker, but is a dozer on running plays. At times, he drove two defensive linemen all the way into the middle linebacker.

Bosley keeps a solid, flat back. I never saw him over-extend his steps. He consistently drives with short, choppy steps. His feet stayed wide and never crossed.

The only thing I would correct (and he may very well be coached to do this) is his technique while pulling to get out in front on a running play. Bosley seems to get too far behind the line of scrimmage, which creates gaps that a good defense will fill.

But Bosley showed up as a very physical, aggressive offensive lineman. Like most line athletes, I don't think he will be ready for D-1a as a freshman, but he should make somebody a good one before he leaves college.

RECRUITING NOTE: Black is still being evaluated and hasn't yet generated much heat on the recruiting trail.

Bosley is being watched by several area schools, but his strong ties to Auburn (Bosley's father graduated from there and his brother is now enrolled) probably puts off some schools. Alabama's coaches are aware of him and watching his progress, but at this time the Tide has not offered. Interestingly, despite Bosley's ability and the Tigers' clear need for O-Linemen, at last report neither had Auburn.

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