Post-game quotes

"It feels great to get our first win in the SEC against a strong Kentucky team with a lot of weapons on offense and a strong defense," said Tide Head Coach Mike Shula, following his team's 27-17 win.

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula

"What really stands out in my mind is Shaud's effort and what he means to this football team. He's played two good games and this effort exceeds both of those. Our defense did a great job. We had about three possessions in the beginning where we forced some three and outs and then they really rose up in the fourth quarter against a unique quarterback.

"The offense got going in the second half and we finally got into the endzone. We had several possessions where we just couldn't score a touchdown. This was a good win.

On Shaud Williams:
"He doesn't really surprise me anymore. We've come to expect it (good games) from him and I get mad at the coaches when he's not on the field. I just feel secure when he's out there, whether it's on offense, punt returns, hands team or whatever.

On Injuries affecting what Alabama's performance:
"Not really. Atlas Herrion and Danny Martz did a good job stepping in and playing well. It didn't really alter the game plan too much. New guys stepped up and made plays. You'll have injuries during the season and your younger guys have to step up.

On his calm demeanor during intense moments:
"I don't think they're watching me closely. We've got an experienced staff that I lean on. Dave Rader (Offensive Coordinator) and Sparky Woods (Running Backs Coach) came up with some nice ideas to keep us going in the fourth quarter. Joe Kines (Defensive Coordinator) never gets rattled. Every week is going to have tight games in the SEC.

On Kentucky Quarterback Jared Lorenzen:
"He's a very unique player. I have a lot more appreciation for him now than I did a week ago. I was talking to Coach (Rich) Brooks (Kentucky Head Coach) before the game and they really like him. Our coaching staff and myself have been comparing him to (Minnesota Vikings quarterback) Daunte Culpepper. A big guy who can make plays and sheds tackles. He'll continue to get better throughout the season.

Kentucky Head Coach Rich Brooks

"I thought our kids played with a lot of heart and made some key plays. We played like a football team tonight. We played like we care. We played like we wanted it. We did some very good things against a very good football team on the road, in a hostile environment.

"We got down a little bit, obviously, in the fourth quarter with the size of their offensive line and the speed and quickness of Shaud Williams. Sometimes we had him in the backfield and he just broke through. You've got to give Alabama credit. They've got amazing speed on defense. Alabama's defense is the best thing we've seen all year. They are big and physical."

"The Chad Anderson interception before the half was key, but we had major problems with the gap play. Williams was running up the inside.

"What our defense needs is more team speed. (Alabama) just has a lot of talented, speedy football players. We missed some tackles, but you have to give their offensive line some credit. They created some creases for Williams."

(On Jared Lorenzen)
"He sprained his knee when he got spun around and sacked in the middle of the third quarter. At this time I do not know the extent of that injury. He made some key throws tonight and got some things done."

(On Alabama vs. Oklahoma)
"(Alabama) held a really good football team last week to 20 points. The only thing Oklahoma really hurt them with was three passes."

(On Alabama)
"The speed of Alabama and physical size of particularly their offensive line, I think were the biggest differences."

Kentucky Player Quotes:

QB, Jared Lorenzen:
"I'm not too worried about it. Right now it's obviously sore and it will obviously be sore for a few more days. But it's just an MCL sprain."

"We didn't come down here just to contend. We didn't want that. We wanted to win. We had a lot of chances to do that but you have to give credit to Alabama. They just found a way to win. Their fans are unbelievable and this is a great place to play. It was extremely loud at times, especially when we got down near the student section."

"Their defense is huge. They are absolute monsters. And every one of them was very fast. Their defensive line was incredible. They kept knocking the ball down at the line of scrimmage. They knocked it down all night long."

"We played with heart all night but unfortunately heart does not win games. We came to Alabama with a chance to win but we just didn't execute the way we were supposed."

OLB, Durrell White:
"Alabama was our first SEC game. We haven't beaten them but only two times in the series. The Alabama fans were really nice. It was a really good atmosphere."

"I thought we had more of a mental breakdown than a physical late. It was not due to not being physically prepared. We are a very well-conditioned team."

"Shaud Williams is a great back. He's probably the best back we've seen so far and maybe the best we'll see all year. You have to hit him low and wrap him up good or you saw what happened."

CB, Chad Anderson:
"The mood was electric. We obviously needed a big stop for momentum. The coaches told us that Brodie (Croyle) had a habit of staring down his intended receiver, so I stepped up and made a play. Anyone could have made the play; I was just in the right place at the right time."

"Our biggest problem right now is to make sure we don't miss any tackles. As a team we've gotten a lot better. We just have to be strong in the third and fourth quarters. The difference was their running game. (Shaud) Williams was great. They ran a very basic passing attack. It was nothing we haven't seen in practice."

WR/KR, Derek Abney:
"It wasn't from a lack of understanding how important the game was. Nor was it the lack of preparation. We just couldn't get going. It was our first away game and a place like Bryant-Denny is going to put some pressure on you. All week we pumped in crowd noise at practice. But this was a very hostile environment."

"We are all disappointed. We just didn't get it done tonight. I saw the fight in our team and I saw it in Jared. We just have to put it all together. When we finally put it all together, you're going to see a great team. We just have a lot of room for improvement."

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