Scouting Antoine Caldwell

The recent Hoover vs. Lee match-up gave <i></i> a chance to scout in person one of the Tide's more recent scholarship offers, Antoine Caldwell.

Recruited as an offensive lineman, Caldwell (6-3, 265) projects as an offensive guard. He was a 6A All-Metro Selection following his junior season at Lee High School in Montgomery.

Hoover High School had several excellent prospects on their side of the ball, including middle linebacker Curtis Dawson, quarterback John Parker Wilson and defensive end Jeramie Holifield. But Lee countered with a D1a college prospect of its own in Antoine Caldwell.

All four players are being recruited by Alabama, and with the exception of Wilson have all been offered by the Tide.

It would have been quite a match-up if Antoine had lined up at offensive tackle matched against Holifield. But on most series the two prospects set up on different ends of the line of scrimmage. When the two lined up opposite each other, they were never matched up one on one.

From our vantage point, it appeared that Caldwell has a good, solid frame, with much of his weight distributed in his legs.

He is quick off the ball and has very sound technique, especially in drive blocking on running plays. Caldwell maintained good contact with his defender for the duration of the play, finishing his block.

Caldwell poses for the camera. (Photo courtesy of Inside the Auburn Tigers website)

As he played on every offensive play, Caldwell definitely appears to be in good physical condition.

His pass blocking was also solid, as he never lost his man in pass protection.

Caldwell also came in for Lee on defense, working on the D-Line in goal-line situations.

Since Lee ran 95 percent of their offense from the shotgun, it was difficult to see Caldwell at what would seem to be his best: run blocking. His speed (5.1 in the 40) makes him dangerous pulling, getting out in front as the lead blocker in a smash-mouth offense.

As it was, Caldwell appeared to be a solid college offensive line prospect with a very good upside.

RECRUITING NOTE: Currently weighing in the 260-pound range, Caldwell has the frame to add bulk. Bama's offensive line coach Bobby Connelly likes incoming linemen that size, preferring to add weight after they arrive on campus rather than trying to take excess fat off.

Alabama is expected to sign four (or so) offensive linemen in this year's class. After scouting him in person, the Tide coaches recently offered Caldwell a scholarship.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Besides being a law student "on the side," Brett Pouncey is an avid sports fan who is involved with broadcasting high school football in the Tuscaloosa area. As he's able to attend various games this fall, he'll provide scouting reports on players of interest to readers.

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