Another 'real deal' Holifield

Although big-name prospects John Parker Wilson and Curtis Dawson performed as expected in Hoover's 24-14 win over Montgomery's Robert E Lee, Jeramie Holifield's performance stood out above the rest.

Against a solid Lee offense, the 6-5 250-pound defensive end was virtually unblockable.

For most of the game Jeramie Holifield was lined up against a 6-4 300-pound-plus offensive tackle. But Holifield used great speed and strength to dominate against both the pass and the run.

On two different occasions that we noticed Holifield blew by his blocker off the edge to record spectacular quarterback sacks. He regularly harassed the Lee quarterback on almost every passing attempt.

When Lee attempted to run (they operated exclusively from the shotgun), Holifield would peel back inside to stuff the delay. If he found an offensive lineman in his way, Holifield would just bull through his 300-pound adversary to make the play.

Holifield thwarted several attempted option plays, enveloping Lee's elusive quarterback for losses, or getting to him so quickly as to force the premature pitch.

Holifield stalled Lee's only meaningful offensive threat, turning a 2nd-and-5 into 3rd-and-9 by running 30 yards across the backfield to catch a Lee scatback before he could turn the corner.

Despite his ability to dominate with speed, Holifield always seemed to play under control. He never lost contain, maintaining outside leverage against the run and pass.

From what we saw, Holifield is an awesome defensive force, whose speed would make tight end coaches salivate. He is definitely a legitimate prospect for the next level.

NOTE: Holifield and the entire Hoover defense were so effective that both Holifield and (middle linebacker) Curtis Dawson were on the field for no more than 60 percent of the snaps through three quarters. Neither of Hoover's two star defensive recruits played in the fourth!

RECRUITING NOTES: Some observers have compared Holifield to current Tide defensive end Antwan Odom, based mainly on his size and ability to run.

Holifield has some ground to make up in the classroom, but there is no reason to think he can't qualify. Even if he has to be placed or taken as a partial qualifier, Holifield is talented enough to warrant a scholarship.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Besides being a law student "on the side," Brett Pouncey is an avid sports fan who is involved with broadcasting high school football in the Tuscaloosa area. As he's able to attend various games this fall, he'll provide scouting reports on players of interest to readers.

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