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"We didn't do the things that we needed to win," said Tide Head Coach Mike Shula after the game. "We had a blocked punt, a blocked point after attempt and too many penalties. We just never got in a rhythm offensively, and it's tough to do that when you start so deep in your own end."

Tide Head Coach Mike Shula

On Northern Illinois: "We knew they were a good team and they showed us that tonight and they showed everyone tonight. They played great defense and have a great running back (Michael Turner) who broke tackles and was hard to bring down. They won the field position battle and it's hard to win a game when you don't win that battle.

"We have to hang together after this loss. It's going to be tough but we want to win. It will be a tough week. I told the team that you can't point fingers and worry about others but to worry about doing your own job and what you can do to make yourself better.

"It was frustrating, but our guys didn't lose their poise. We just didn't get the job done."

Alabama Player Quotes

TB, Shaud Williams:
"We played pitiful tonight. We couldn't have beaten anybody the way we played tonight. Then, on the other hand, you have to give them credit. They came into a hostile environment and came out to win. You have to give them credit."

"We played pathetic. I've never been so embarrassed in my life."

MLB, Freddie Roach:
"They came out and fought really hard. We just have to come in next week and get ready to get better."

ON TURNER: "He's a great athlete and I wish the best for him. Like I said, we've just got to get better."

OL, Wesley Britt:
"They made more plays than we did. We have to find a way to fix what we messed up. That's all there is to it. We made too many mistakes tonight, mistakes that we should not make as a football team. We are a lot better than we demonstrated tonight."

Northern Illinois Head Coach Jim Novak:

"This is a great win. We came down here and our kids believed they could win and they did."

ABOUT THE BLOCKED PAT: "We really take a lot of pride in the kicking game. Jason Hawkins got through and got a good block on it. Our punter (Anthony Gallagher) was awesome tonight."

"A few weeks ago I said Maryland was our biggest win, but this has to be. When you talk about Alabama, you're talking about one of the best. This is a win we'll never forget. Our kids didn't come in here intimidated. We respect Alabama, but we honestly came in here with the feeling we could win."

"You don't rush the football well against Alabama. I never expected that we'd run it as well as we did tonight. I have a lot of respect for Alabama's front seven."

ABOUT BELONING IN THE TOP-25: "Right now I think we do. Right now we're fighting like the devil to get respect for our league."

ON NIU'S DEFENSE: "We run a pretty aggressive defensive system. We do a lot of zone blitzing."

"He (Brodie Croyle) just scrambles and makes something out of nothing. But the bottom line is we kept them out enough."

ON NIU QB JOSH HALDI: "He's a great quarterback in our system. He is perfect for what we're trying to do."

NIU Player Quotes

WR, P.J. Fleck
"This is a huge win for our players and for our team, but this is also just another win for our season, this is number three. This is just another feather in Coach Novak's hat."

(On NIU Rushing performance): "We weren't that surprised. Our offensive line did a great job. We were on the field for a long time and we wore them down. I think that was the difference.

(On importance of victory): "I think it surprised a lot of people in this stadium, but it didn't surprise the 100 guys in this room. A lot of people don't give us a lot of respect. So it's pretty much only those 100 guys and our fans who believed in us."

WR, Dan Sheldon
(On TD catch): "We just had to take advantage of what we could get. I noticed their DB was trying to catch up and I just went by. I think we caught the defense off guard."

"This is one of the biggest wins our program has ever had. Now we believe we can play against every team we face."

(On halftime adjustments): "We thought we played well in the first half, but we knew we could do better. So we made a few adjustments knowing that if we played better eventually the big plays would come."

QB, Josh Haldi
"As soon as we got (Michael) Turner going, we knew big things would happen for us. We were able to run the ball and open up the passing game and that made big things happen for us. Michael is a great back, but the offensive line did a real good job. Alabama is the best front seven that we'll face and the best in college football, and to be able to do what we did is incredible."

"I'm very happy for our team. What we were able to do was remarkable. It's everything I thought it would be and a little more."

RB, Michael Turner
"As long as we keep getting wins against BCS schools the more confidence we'll have."

(On his ability to run ball effectively): "I didn't know what to expect going in, but I knew that we would give all that we had and the results were pretty amazing. We knew we had to get the crowd out of the game. Every time you go on the road your main objective is to get the crowd out of the game, and we were able to do that. This is a really big win for our team."

LB, Nick Duffy
(On stopping Alabama's rushing attack): "We weren't surprised and that's not an attack on Alabama. We had a lot of respect for Alabama and their running game, but we've stopped great backs before. One of our strengths in run defense."

"I think this is the biggest win since I've been here and I've been here four years. Coming to Alabama with all its tradition and coming away with a win is huge."

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