Baby will make four

Football games aren¹t the only calendar items in the home of Mike and Shari Shula. Their daughter, Samantha, is expecting a baby sister soon. <br><br>How soon?

"Oh, gosh," Mike said when the subject came up following his regular Tuesday press briefing. He patted his pocket anxiously. "I don't have my pager."

The answer as to when the newest Shula will arrive is "Any minute," and certainly within not too many days.

Joe Kines has several titles at Alabama. He is the defensive coordinator and he is the linebackers coach. And he's also the assistant head coach, the man who stands in when the head coach can't be somewhere. So, Mike, if the baby comes on a Saturday would you have Joe Kines coach the team?

Shari, Samantha and Mike Shula (photo by Kent Gidley)

The look from Shula was almost as if Kines would be more likely to stand in for Shula at the hospital than on the sidelines Saturday.

"The baby won't come on Saturday," Shula said with assurance. "Shari has been coached up."

When Shula was hired he announced that he and Shari were expecting a baby. Back in the summer when asked the date he would answer "Georgia." Earlier this fall he said he thought the baby would come earlier than originally expected. Indeed, now it appears "Arkansas" is a more accurate answer.

And, Shula said, it's possible the birth will be induced. A source said if the baby had not arrived by mid-week that a Thursday inducement was likely.

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