Player/Coach post-game quotes

"Unfortunately we came up short," said Tide Head Coach Mike Shula following the overtime loss. "The effort was great. The execution at times was brilliant, at times it was not."

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula

"We had some missed opportunities, some penalties that hurt us, the missed field goal and the interception that's uncharacteristic of Brodie (Croyle). We just have to find a way to overcome this. And we're going to do it together. We're looking for answers right now."

"It was as brilliant as we've played all year. We had the short-yardage play, two beautiful play action fakes by Brodie and Dre (Fulgham) and then the long one by Shaud (Williams). We knew there was a lot of football left and we didn't relax at all." "The defense was on the field a lot. They did get turnovers and we scored off them and they were helpful."

"There's no rest for the weary. They are a great football team but we have to find a way to bounce back and we're going to do that together."

Alabama Player Quotes

WR, Dre Fulgham:
"We should have won. Everybody in here is disappointed. We had them on the ropes. We should have taken care of them when we could have."

"I think our receivers played a pretty good ballgame. It's just frustrating right now, knowing we should win and we don't."

CB, Anthony Madison:
"It's a tough loss. We shot ourselves in the foot. We had the game won. We should have gone ahead and closed it out. We had some foolish penalties in the game which cost us. Arkansas is a great team. I give all the respect to them. But there is no way they should have won that game. We should have come out with the victory."

"It's good for the defense. We've been working hard as a team, the defense as a whole, trying to get takeaways. It's something we practiced a lot this week. All the guys stepped up and made some plays. It's just something that we knew we needed to do. Whatever we needed, we just tried to come up with the big play."

LG, Justin Smiley:
"It felt great to get out there and get my feet wet again. I've been missing it. I've got to contribute to the team. It was just really good to get back out there."

"We got some breaks and then we did some things that went against us. It was just one of those games where we needed one thing to go right for us, and it didn't seem to happen for us. I don't think I've seen anything in my life like this. Everything was going right for us. We had all the momentum on our side and we blew a 21 point lead. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in my life. We will bounce back."

Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt

Opening Comments:
"We had some guys that refused to quit. They could have easily said that's it at 31-10. There were some heroes tonight. It's a tough place to play and we had them at their best and we knew that. We had a lot of things to overcome."

"We were very patient. It's not our game to come out throwing. I think that's what helped us win the game."

On coming from behind:
"It was 31-10 and Shaud Williams was running wild and I'm thinking 'Oh no, here we go again.' It was pretty gloomy. At 31-17 we got a little confidence. When we scored the one to make it 31-24 they said 'We're going to win this.' It's just perseverance and character."

On quarter Matt Jones:
"Matt has ice water in his veins; he's cool under pressure."

On the interception in OT:
"It was a great momentum change; it won the game for us."

Arkansas Player Quotes

TB, Cedric Cobbs
"I felt that we had a team good enough to face adversity and still give all we had and pull this one out. I thought that after I fumbled that I would never forgive myself if we lost the game. But this win took everyone, it took the defense to stop them in overtime, everything just played out in the end."

"We have a team of champions, when there was time left on the clock, we knew that we had what we needed to get back in it, we felt that if we could get into overtime, our offense would do what it could to win. God played a big part in this."

SS, Tony Bua
"You have to give Alabama a lot of credit, they have a tremendous team. They didn't quit, they have an unbelievable team. We were just fortunate to win the game."

"Absolutely not, absolutely not, we are not that kind of team. We are a blue collar team, a hard hitting team with a lot of juniors and senior. We never gave up; we knew that if we didn't give up any more big plays we had a chance. We knew that if we gave up one more big play, we would lose this one."

PK, Chris Balserio
"I've been waiting for this opportunity for all of my life, and it came. I was just ready to go, I wasn't nervous. I have never been in this situation before, so I'm just thankful we were able to be put in position to win at the end, it was unbelievable."

"It's funny, even before the game was tied, someone mentioned the field goals that we missed early, and I said 'don't worry about it, I'm going to win it at the end with a field goal.'"

C, Dan Doughty
"We just had to believe in each other, our coaches came up with a great game plan, and we just had to carry it out. We knew that we were going to get (Alabama's) best. It was just one of those games, they had big plays, and we had big plays, our defense made big plays."

QB, Matt Jones
"I think both sides were wearing down a bit at the end. I thought their defense was very good. They kept their team in it until the end. The crowd noise had a little bit of an effect but once we made some big plays we were able to quieten them down a little bit."

"Sometimes you just have to get lucky. And then they missed that field goal. As far as the win, it puts us at 1-0 in the SEC. It's just one game."

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