Shulas add one to family roster

If Tide Head Coach Mike Shula was unshaven and a tad bleary-eyed at Sunday afternoon's practice, at least he had a good excuse.

Shula and his wife, Shari, welcomed Brooke Dorothy into their family at 1:54 a.m. Sunday. Mother and daughter (and big sister) are doing well

Brooke weighed six pounds, 10 ounces and was 19 inches long.

"I got a little bit of sleep, but not until about 5 in the morning," Mike Shula said to reporters after Sunday's practice. "We left the stadium (Saturday night after the Arkansas game) to go to the hospital. It was something that we had planned to do."

Shari Shula, daughter Samantha and Mike. (Kent Gidley photo)

The Shula family had decided that if Brooke didn't arrive this past week, they would go ahead and induce labor.

"We thought that would be the best deal. (Shari) was a trooper. It didn't take long. She was one person that I coached up that was able to do her job," Shula said with a laugh.

Alluding to a penalty called on Alabama Saturday night, one veteran reporter asked Shula if he was flagged by the hospital staff for excessive celebration.

"Good line," Shula said, again laughing. "Or am I not allowed to talk about penalties?"

Asked to reflect on the events of the emotional weekend, Shula thought for a moment and replied, "One thing it does--it keeps everything in perspective. To see your little girl born--all of a sudden there is human life. You realize what's most important to you."

The entire Shula family was on hand for the birth. "Our other daughter (Samantha) was there," Shula said. "She spent the night in the hospital, too. We were delivering the baby, and she was just asleep.

"She woke up and had a baby sister."

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