got a chance to watch him in action recently."> got a chance to watch him in action recently.">

Scouting safety Marcus Carter

Currently listed as a "soft commitment" to Auburn, Fort Payne safety Marcus Carter is clearly looking around. <i></i> got a chance to watch him in action recently.

Like most good high school athletes, Carter is used on both offense and defense. But clearly the best college position for this headhunter will be safety.'s David Bittinger, a long-time Alabama high school coach currently living in Huntsville, got a chance to watch Carter in action recently when his team played Sparkman. Bittinger came away impressed.

Specific comments/scouting notes

The kid is a pure hitter. Very aggressive.

Carter has an outstanding instinct for finding the football. And he gets there quickly.

Several times during the game I thought he would get burned by coming up on the run so fast. But Carter always seemed to get back into position on every pass play.

His mechanics are very sound, especially for a high school athlete. Carter's pads remain over his knees and he stays low.

When covering ground, his feet stay close to the ground and he doesn't take long strides--unless he is sprinting to make a cross-field play.

For a prep defensive back, Carter's footwork in coverage is outstanding. His head stayed on a swivel, always looking for keys and reads.

Along with his teammate Aaron McDaniel, Marcus Carter attended Alabama's mini-camp this past summer.

Unlike a lot of secondary players, Carter didn't try to knock the ball carrier's feet out. Instead, he hit the runner with sound, solid form tackles and tried to get his hat under the ball carrier's chin.

In short, Marcus Carter looks like the type athlete who could play early at most any program.

RECRUITING NOTES: At 6-1, 190, Carter is a physically mature young man, solidly muscled, which will make his transition to college easier. He runs well (4.46 40-yard dash) and is not afraid of contact.

Carter gave a verbal commitment to Auburn last summer, but there are clear indications that may have been premature. Carter grew up an Auburn fan, and several Fort Payne Tiger fans made sure he attended numerous games in Auburn, especially last season. But Carter's father prefers the Tide and has been taking him to several Alabama games this season.

Carter's friend and high school teammate, Aaron McDaniel, recently committed to Alabama. But it's not clear that will make any significant impact on his decision. Carter is considered a good bet to qualify, while McDaniel has work to do in the classroom.

Both Alabama and Auburn recruiting experts are predicting Carter will sign with their schools. Despite their on-the-field rivalry, it's actually not that common for the two schools to go head-to-head on many players in recruiting. This one could get interesting.

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