Building ahead of schedule

Many fans doubted they would be able to meet their ambitious target dates, but the latest word is that construction crews are actually almost a week ahead of schedule. At this point, Alabama officials expect to use the new Football Complex Annex for recruiting visits in January.

(Above left) Looking at the Northeast corner of the new Football Complex Annex, it's obvious that progress continues on schedule.

Picture taken from the Southeast front of the Alabama Football Complex. To the left is the existing entrance, which following completion of the Annex will undergo complete renovation. Down the sidewalk in the background can be seen the front wall of the new Annex area.

View of the back wall (Northwest corner) of the new Annex, taken from the parking lot next to where the former Tennis Stadium stood. Framing and ceilings are essentially complete. Note the framework for "Shula's Balcony," which will look out onto the existing Thomas-Drew Practice Fields and directly onto the new artificial turf field which will occupy the space formerly taken up by the Tennis Stadium. Much of the new second floor, including the balcony, will be used to entertain visiting recruits and their families. The big building in the right background is the Indoor Facility.

Alabama players practice on the existing fields, while work continues in the background on the new Annex. To the left beyond the existing fence is where the new artificial turf practice field will go. The entire bottom floor wall of the new structure will be floor-to-ceiling windows, giving a view of the practice fields from within the new weight room.

Looking directly at the front of the new construction, from across the parking lot through the trees. To the left (out of frame) is the existing building. To the right (at the corner) will be the entry area directly into the new part of the Football Complex.

Closer view of the Northeast corner of the Annex. Note the entry area. Stairs leading up to the second floor can be seen. The public will use the front entrance, with the corner entrance reserved for staff and players.

The picture is a little dark (it was raining), but the expansive area of the new construction can be clearly seen. Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard joked that the area looks "as big as a Wal-Mart." The entire bottom floor will be given over to weight training, making Alabama's the second-largest lifting area among college programs in the nation.

The enhanced Strength and Conditioning Center will include an expanded Sports Medicine Facility to give athletes a superior level of care so they can continue to compete or quickly return to action if they're injured. Expansion and remodeling will add over 30,000 square feet to the existing football building.

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