Coach/Player post-game quotes

"It was a great win," Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said following Saturday's 17-3 victory over Southern Miss. "We told our players it was going to be a tough football game. It was a total team effort."

Bama's Mike Shula

"Special teams were great, offensively running the football...It was very conservative and it's hard to do when the other team knows you are going to run the ball. Our offensive line came off the ball well and really opened some lanes for the running game."

On Shaud Williams' Yards After Contact:
"That's what you have to do. When you have two quarterbacks hurt, you have to go with your strengths."

"Defensively it was great work. Our players worked hard in practice all week going over all the details and doing all the little things right. They got three points but we felt like if we didn't have a late-hit on the quarterback, there would have been a goose-egg on the board."

"Special teams were incredible. It was a great effort. You always have a bunch of guys who are going to step up and make the plays. Bo Freeland did a great job of punting the ball. I didn't give him enough credit when I talked to the team. You can't say enough about what he did because it is a game of field position and he did a nice job punting against the wind."

On Next Week's Game vs. Ole Miss:
"We're first going to enjoy this. It's a Homecoming win. We'll enjoy it today and tomorrow we'll watch it and then get back focused on Ole Miss."

Alabama Player Quotes

Shaud Williams (RB)
"We knew coming in that running the ball was the way we were going to win. I'm not taking anything away from Brandon (Avalos), but we knew we were going to have to take pressure off him. We didn't want to put too much pressure on Brandon to come in there and throw the ball. Coach told us that we were going to lineup and run the ball.

(About gaining momentum for next week)
"We needed some momentum, maybe we have a little streak going now. We have that winning feeling back. So we can just keep it going.

Brandon Avalos (QB)
(About Starting)
"It feels great. I've been waiting along time for it. It came a little quicker than I thought, but it was great to play at home in Bryant Denny on homecoming. It was just a great feeling.

(About the running backs)
"Shaud (Williams) made my job real easy. The offensive line and Shaud and Ray (Hudson) made it real easy. Shaud is a great runner. He runs really hard and he's got a lot of heart. Ray is a great back too. I just felt great with my offensive line and those guys got the running game going. It was just great."

Demeco Ryans (LB)
"It feels great. We've lost three straight so it just feels great to have a win. There is no feeling like it after a game. To come in and sing the fight song and everybody have a big smile on their face. It just feels great all the way around. Once you get this feeling you want to have it every time that you come into the lockeroom. You don't want everybody's head down. You want to come back in with a big win."

Southern Miss Head Coach Jeff Bower

"It's pretty obvious what happened to us in the game. We were our own worst enemy and they didn't make any mistakes. They didn't have any turnovers. We had our backs against the wall on defense."

"The longer we were in the game, the better we did on offense. We'll get there. Our offensive line did a good job of protecting for the most part. We just made too many mistakes. Normally when you lose the turnover battle and make the mistakes we did you're not going to win. "

"I was proud we didn't give up too many points. We haven't had a conference loss which I'm happy about; we've just got to keep grinding away. I thought we improved on offense against a good defense."

On practicing punts
"We devoted a lot of time to it. All I know is we've got to keep working on it."

On Alabama's punting game
"I haven't seen any better this year. It seems like everyone we've played has punted well."

On the upcoming bye week
"I'm looking forward to going home and getting better. We've got some things to work on."

Southern Miss Player Quotes

Dustin Almond-QB
"We struggled getting the ball in the end zone. We could get it up to the 20 but getting it past the 20 was the problem. Alabama has a great team, but at the same time we shot ourselves in the foot. They have a great defensive line, they didn't quit they just pinned their ears back and kept coming, but our offensive line blocked them pretty well."

On halftime adjustments
"We told ourselves we weren't going into the locker room without a score. We got the field goal which isn't a touchdown but it was a score. In the second half I think we just got settled in."

Luke Johnson-K/P
On the fumbled snap
"On the snap that I dropped, it was a good snap. The snap didn't have anything to do with it; the defense just took it off my foot. The guys on the offensive line, they were busting their tail on every play and they protect me well up front. I credit the defensive line on the dropped snap."

"One of the goals is always to win the fourth quarter and I didn't win the quarter. I put my defense in a bad position, but we have a bye week to work on it and get it perfect for South Florida."

John Eubanks-DB
On kick return that was called back
"I didn't see (the holding call) I was on the sideline, the field goal unit was already out to kick the point after and I looked around and there was the flag. It was just a dagger in the heart."

"They have a big offensive line and Coach (Tyrone) Nix told us we were going to have to step up and hit them in the mouth and I think we did a pretty good job."

Rod Davis-LB
On Alabama's offensive line
"They came determined to win and they played like that for four quarters. They have some big hogs upfront."

On the team's effort
"We didn't win so we didn't do good enough, bottom line. Whoever wins the fourth quarter usually wins the game. We didn't win the fourth quarter and that determined the game."

On the kick return called back
"I didn't even see the flag I think they called holding, but I was all the way down the field and I kept looking back for the flag but never saw one. I don't know I didn't see it."

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