Grading the Ole Miss game

This was one of Bama's more disappointing losses. Mississippi took advantage of every mistake the Tide made, and on the other hand Alabama we didn't do much to force Ole Miss to make mistakes.

Bama desperately needs somebody on the field who can take over a game. Hopefully, that player will emerge soon.

Quarterback: B+

Brodie Croyle played very well. He has proven time and time again that he is tough and a warrior.

But, as is said almost every week, I would like to see him look off receivers and not lock in on his first option.

Croyle still not looking off his receivers.

Running Backs: A

They still get as much as they can with the opportunities they are given. All are running hard and behind their pads.

I would like to see them used as receivers out of the backfield more.

Wide Receivers: C-

Still getting very little or no separation and still not finishing routes.

Bama's wideouts actually stopped a few times when Rebel defensive backs got in their routes.

As a unit they're still not selling the pass on running plays, and they're still not blocking.

They did make some nice grabs and held on to the ball several times after getting leveled by Mississippi defenders.

Offensive Line: D

Ray Hudson has been running well.

Alabama got whipped by a very average defensive line.

The unit looked very good in streaks when they had their pads over their knees and were moving the line of scrimmage.

Special Teams:

Punter gets an A+

Kickers get a C

Coverage and protection get C-

Defensive Line: D

This group got consistently stood up and driven off the ball.

An old but very successful coaching tip is ‘PUP,' Pad Under Pad. If you keep your pads under whoever is trying to block you, or whomever you are trying to block, you will win most of the battles.

Right now, Bama's linemen are showing their numbers at the snap on both sides of the football.

Bama's D-Linemen play too tall.

Linebackers: C-

The unit is still letting blockers get to them without making their opponents pay.

Unfortunately, Bama's ‘backers spent most of the day arm tackling and reaching.

In pass defense they're still not knocking the back out when he is running routes.

Defensive Backs: D

Bama's DBs are still letting receivers run routes without being challenged.

The players looked totally lost several times. They're obviously not talking to each other as a play develops.

They look confused about their coverages at times.

The secondary did a poor job supporting the run.

EDITOR'S NOTE: David Bittinger is a veteran high school coach, now teaching in North Alabama. Each week during football season he'll watch the games with some of his coaching friends, and afterwards pass along some of their thoughts/comments about what they saw.

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