Building progress continues

The more they work, seemingly the bigger the new Football Complex Annex gets. When finished, it will be a showcase structure, highlighting Crimson Tide football while also serving the current athletes.

(Above left) Workmen lay bricks on the North face of the new Football Annex.

The Central Power Plant located between Coleman Coliseum and the Track Stadium is nearing completion. Note the Alabama seal on the edge and the sign along the top. Also, note that the ground has been prepared and the asphalt for the road will be poured soon.

A view of the entry area into the Track Stadium, with concrete entryway to the left and the plaza. In the background is the existing Track Field. To the left (out of frame) are the stands and to the right (out of frame) is the Power Plant building, which will have a Track Scoreboard on its inside face. That's the Crisp Indoor Facility in the background.

Progress on the Football Complex Annex is also proceeding rapidly. This is a view of the new entrance which is at the Northeast corner of the new construction. After entering the door (where the workman stands), an elevator will be to the right with stairs to the left.

A view down the front of the new construction, showing the new tying in with the existing building.

A view of the back of the new building, showing "Shula's Balcony" which will overlook the Thomas-Drew Practice fields. To the left can be seen the large windows which will open from the weight room onto the practice fields. Note the Alabama flag flying on the roof, put up by the construction workers.

Also showing the Northwest corner and back wall of the annex, the head coach's office will be on the second floor in the Northwest corner, assistant coaches' offices will line the second floor back wall. Of course the ground floor will be taken up entirely by the new weight room facility.

Note the vaulted ceiling at the head of the stairs on the second floor, which will appear as a skylight. This will be the entrance into the recruiting area, which will include a large meeting room for entertaining recruits and their parents.

An artist's rendering of the completed Football Complex Annex. Note that the existing public entryway to the left will be completely redone. The entrance at the far right will be for staff and players only (and recruiting).

No actual construction has started, but the site preparation for the Soccer Pavilion has begun. To the left you can see the existing Soccer Field. At right is the parking lot which will be shared by Soccer and the newly expanded student REC center. Also note the new back entrance to the REC center.

When finished, Alabama's Soccer Complex area will be outstanding.

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