Best Britt brother yet?

Touted by many as the best defensive line prospect in the state, Justin Britt could well find collegiate stardom on the other side of the football.

For most of the recruiting process Justin Britt has been described as a defensive end that will likely grow into a defensive tackle in college. Standing 6-3 plus and easily carrying 260 pounds, that projection is reasonable.

Truthfully, Justin should end up even bigger.

His famous brother, Tide All-America offensive tackle Wesley Britt, stands 6-7 (at least) and weighs in at 313 pounds. Second brother Taylor, who plays defensive tackle for Alabama, is 6-4, 278. And the patriarch of the Britt clan, father Tommy, may be slightly smaller than Wesley--but not by much.

Justin Britt recently announced he would join his two brothers to play football for Alabama.

Genetics combined with on-the-field play had scouts drooling over the possibility of Justin as a defensive tackle. That could well wind up the case, but he also has the look of an all-star offensive guard.

"I want to talk with (Mike Shula) about playing on the offensive line," Britt said the day before he committed to the Tide. "That position just feels natural to me."

From our observations of Justin in a game several weeks back, we wouldn't disagree. Cullman hosted Hartselle that night (a thrilling game that the underdog visitors won in the last seconds). And Justin Britt was all over the field.

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Justin was in the Hartselle backfield on virtually every play, disrupting their rushing attack and harrying the quarterback on passing downs.

Britt played nose tackle for much of the game, occasionally flipping to defensive end. Like his brothers, he clearly enjoys contact, mixing it up at every opportunity. He runs very well, often chasing the play down from the backside.

On passing downs, if the Hartselle QB held the ball too long, one of two things happened. Either Britt blew in to bury the youngster, or an official threw a yellow flag, signaling that Britt had been held. Justin is a tenacious defender.

On the sideline Justin has the same fiery personality of his oldest brother, displaying leadership among his teammates.

But as good as Britt was on defense, when he played guard he seemed to really be in his element. Lined up next to left tackle Cody Green (also an Alabama recruit), Britt displayed flawless footwork.

Pass protection was no problem, and straight-ahead run plays were almost too easy. Though Cullman was unable to take enough advantage of the situation, lining up Britt and Green side-by-side seemed almost unfair to the opposition.

Playing both defensive tackle and offensive guard for Cullman High School, Britt (#55) is probably the top combo-line prospect in the state.

Britt especially excelled pulling from his left guard slot to function as a lead blocker on sweeps.

"Playing offensive lineman comes real natural for me," Britt said. "I like guard a lot."

Britt is one of ten players currently committed to the Tide, including Hartselle wide receiver Nikita Stover, East Central (Miss.) Community College running back Titus Ryan, T.R. Miller tight end Trent Davidson, Thomasville defensive back Aaron Johns, Randolph County wide receiver Ezekiel Knight, Fort Payne wide receiver Aaron McDaniel, Jacksonville, Fla. wide receiver Will Oakley, Hillcrest cornerback Travis Robinson and Pike County tight end Nick Walker.

Alabama is allowed to bring in 19 new players this season, but the Tide is expected to oversign by several athletes, anticipating that a few will not qualify.

Britt should qualify easily.

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