Coaches & Players post-game quotes

"They are real good and very deserving of their high ranking," Tide Head Coach Mike Shula said of the LSU Tigers. "We played Oklahoma early in the year so we can compare them to the top teams in the country. If Oklahoma is No. 1, they are definitely right behind them."

Alabama Coach Mike Shula

(On tonight's game)
"We got off to a poor start. We didn't execute. They had good field position all night and we just couldn't score when we had the chances. We just didn't play our best game. This was a tough loss. The defense was put in tough situations all night. We just have to put it out of our minds and get ready for the next one."

(On Auburn Game)
"This will be my first trip down to the Plains. Everybody has to step up because you throw the records out in this game. This is definitely the best rivalry in the country. We will go together as a team and help each other out."

LSU Coach Nick Saban

"I'm obviously very pleased with the effort my team put out today. I'm proud of the way we competed. I'm proud of the way the players responded in critical situations on both sides of the ball. Alabama is a great football team and they compete well.

"We made a lot of mistakes today and had a lot of penalties. We were never able to just put the game away. Being able to rise to the occasion and take leadership opportunities, I was proud of how we did that tonight."

(On LSU defense)
"Our defense played pretty well. We felt being here on the road and having been off for a while that we should get the momentum going on defense.

(On Brodie Croyle)
"Croyle did a real nice job scrambling. We've got a lot of respect for him."

Alabama Player Quotes

Justin Smiley-#78-OL "You've got to tip your hats to those guys; they've got a tremendous team. There's good talent over there. They were better prepared. They've got a lot on the line and they had a lot to play for. You've just got to tip your hat to those guys."

Tyrone Prothro-#4-WR "We've got to execute better. We played really hard but on offense we have to execute better."

On the Auburn rivalry next week:
"We've got to come ready to play next week. We all know how big the Alabama-Auburn rivalry is and we've got to come ready to play. We've got to bring our A-game."

Roman Harper-#41-LB "We didn't play well tonight. We came out excited and pumped up and we knew what we had to do but we just didn't get the job done. We knew they had some great receivers, we just didn't play like we needed to and that's the bottom line."

"We didn't get enough pressure on (LSU QB Mauck) because he took a lot of three-step drops and he just got it to his receivers, he did a good job of that. That was the difference in the game."

"In the third quarter it was 17-0 and we get a turnover right there inside the 30 but we didn't get points out of that and that was a big key in the game. We lost a lot of momentum on that one and it came back and hurt us."

LSU Player Quotes

QB Matt Mauck "We had a great team effort tonight. Offensively we left a few things out there, but when we needed a big play we made it and that was big tonight.

(On interception)
"It was a really poor decision on my part. It was just something I really wish I could take back. I thought I did a pretty good job tonight, but there were some things I would've done differently if I could.

(On Alabama)
"Bama is a great team. I really feel for them having to go through three head coaches and a bunch of new systems. It has to be tough."

TE Eric Edwards "We came out ready to play tonight. We made some mistakes on offense, but our defense really played awesome tonight. Alabama is a really good team. We beat a really good team tonight. They played hard, but we just came out ready."

OT Rodney Reed "Every time we didn't score tonight we basically stopped ourselves. Alabama is a really good SEC team and every time you play a team like them on the road it is tough. We did just enough tonight to win. We left some opportunities on the field, but we played with the type of intensity it took to win.

(On SEC Division Title hopes)
"It is like the playoffs. If we lose any game from here on out we could be out of the race."

WR Michael Clayton "Offensively we came out really fired up and did an excellent job. We just wanted to get points tonight. We didn't want to leave any opportunities for points on the field. We're winding down toward the end of the season and we have some big games coming up. Tonight we didn't play our best so we'll have to come out next week and work harder.

(On Ole Miss game)
"We're going to enjoy this win tonight, but it is going to be a really great ball game. We're playing a great team and that is what it is all about."

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