O-Line prospect targeted

So long as his team remains alive in the playoffs, Luverne's Chester Adams isn't talking to recruiting reporters. But that definitely doesn't mean that college coaches aren't paying attention.

With former Tide Head Coach Mike DuBose now in charge at Luverne, Chester Adams understands the ins and outs of the recruiting game far more than the average high school player. The two built a bond of trust this past summer, when Adams chose to stay home and work on his conditioning rather than make the traditional rounds of summer football camps.

As a result, Adams has mostly flown under the publicity radar in terms of 2004 recruiting publications. But that doesn't bother DuBose.

"They'll find you," DuBose said of college coaches.

Playing both offense and defense for Luverne, Adams is one of the most important members of the squad. He and Coach DuBose jointly decided it would be best to wait until their season ends (hopefully in the state title game) before Chester would speak with reporters. But DuBose did talk some about his two-way star with BamaMag.com in an interview this week.

Former Tide Head Coach Mike DuBose is now in charge at Luverne High School, where he coaches Chester Adams.

"He is being heavily recruited by all the SEC schools," DuBose said. "He has a great future ahead of him as a football player, and he is a great student as well."

DuBose said he would prefer that Adams talk about his favorite schools, offering only that "Chester has narrowed his choices down to four or five schools, and the two in-state schools are among them."

But in an early-October interview with The Montgomery Advertiser, Adams listed Alabama as a strong first, followed in no particular order by Clemson, Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia.

Adams' height (6-6) has always been impressive, but following his junior year he weighed in the 350-pound range, putting off some recruiting pundits. But when DuBose took over the Luverne program last winter, he and Adams set a goal to get the youngster in condition.

The guard/tackle dropped pounds of baby fat, replacing them with muscle, and now weighs in at a more impressive 325 pounds.

"At 6-6, 325 pounds, one would expect him to have a bright future," DuBose said.

Of course if there is anyone that should be able to judge a young lineman's potential, it would be Mike DuBose. His career as head coach definitely didn't go as he hoped, but before taking over at Alabama DuBose was known nationwide as a stellar position coach, specializing in defensive linemen.

DuBose, of course, was in charge of Bama's '92 defensive line, tutoring Eric Curry and John Copeland to greatness.

According to DuBose, Adams could play either offense or defense in college. "He's got all the tools," DuBose told Tim Gayle of The Montgomery Advertiser. "He's quick enough, big enough, and smart enough. The thing I look at is hip and ankle flexibility and Chester has got good flexibility."

Asked about his lineman's plans in regard to official visits, DuBose again declined to be specific. "He has discussed with the (Alabama) coaches his official (visit), but I do not have the dates," DuBose said.

No question that the Tide coaches like Adams' potential very much, and the interest is mutual. Alabama has offered a scholarship, and for his part Adams has visited several Bama games unofficially.

Coach Bobby Connelly is recruiting Adams to play for Alabama on the offensive line.

"He has talked to all the Alabama coaches," DuBose said. "Chester has talked to Coach Shula a good bit, also, Coach (Bobby) Connelly and Coach Dave Rader."

Connelly is the offensive line coach for Alabama, while Rader is the offensive coordinator. The Tide apparently prefers Adams as an offensive lineman, which is fine with him.

"(On offense) you can put somebody on their butt," Adams said in the earlier interview.

In the not-too-distant future, Adams' recruiting season will heat up considerably. But for now he and his prep teammates have something more important to occupy their time.

"Luverne is still alive in the 2A play-offs," DuBose explained. "We will play Slocomb on Friday (November 21)."

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