Depth Chart Vs. Auburn

Alabama dressed the Southeastern Conference limit of 70 players for a league road game against Auburn, and 54 saw action for the Tide. Offensively, there were a couple of mild surprises.

Alabama opened the game with no fullback and three wide receivers–Dre Fulgham, Triandos Luke, and Zach Fletcher. Matt Lomax, a fifth-year senior, got the second start of his career, his second start this year, and started at a second position. The erstwhile center opened the game at tight end. The only other tight end to see action was Clint Johnston, who had missed sevral weeks with an injury.

Dennis Alexander returned to his starting position at right guard and back-up tailback Ray Hudson played after having been held out of the LSU game.

Bama used 20 on offense, 22 on defense, and 12 just on special teams. Here are those who played with starters listed first. The number in parenthesis is the number of plays. If there are two numbers, the second is the number of plays on special teams.


Split End-Dre Fulgham (44), Zach Fletcher (35), Lance Taylor (25-15)

Left Tackle-Atlas Herrion (63-3)

Left Guard-Justin Smiley (63-3)

Center-J.B. Closner (63)

Right Guard-Dennis Alexander (48-1), Danny Martz (15-2)

Right Tackle-Evan Mathis (63-3)

Tight End-Matt Lomax (27), Clint Johnston (3-8)

Quarterback-Brodie Croyle (63)

Halfback-Shaud Williams (31), Ray Hudson (31), Kenneth Darby (1)

Fullback-Tim Castille (35-10), Josh Smith (4-7), Le'Ron McClain (1-10)

Flanker-Triandos Luke (52), Tyrone Prothro (26-7)


Left End-Mark Anderson (47-8), Nautyn McKay-Loescher (35-1)

Left Tackle-Anthony Bryant (49-1), Dominic Lee (25)

Right Tackle-Jeremy Clark (36), Ahmad Childress (4), Kyle Tatum (25-1)

Right End-Antwan Odom (53-1), Leslie Williams (8-3)

Strongside Linebacker-Derrick Pope (68-1)

Middle Linebacker-Freddie Roach (51-6), Terrence Jones (7-14)

Weakside Linebacker-DeMeco Ryans (52-8), Juwan Garth (17-15)

Left Cornerback-Charlie Peprah (18-4), Ramzee Robinson (51-7)

Right Cornerback-Anthony Madison (68-2), David Scott (12-10)

Strong Safety-Roman Harper (68-9)

Safety-Charles Jones (54), Carlos Andrews (11-22), Thurman Ward (3-10)


Punter-Bo Freelend (8)

Kickoff-Kyle Robinson (4)

Placekicker-Brian Bostick (3 PAT)

Snapper-Nick Ridings (11, 8 Punt, 3 PAT)

Holder-Alex Fox (3 PAT)

Coverage and Returns: Brandon Brooks (11), Nic Luke (7), Matt Miller (7), Roberto McBride (11), Greg McLain (6), Chris James (20), Donald Clarke (3)

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