New facility shaping up to be impressive

Significant interior work remains to be finished, but Alabama's new weight room and recruiting facilities will be clearly evident (and impressive) for visiting prospects next month.

(Above left) View of the Northeast front wall of the Football Complex Annex.

Looking down into the weight room from the Recruiting Room. To the upper left can be seen windows overlooking the weight room from the staff meeting room and Coach Shula's office (upper middle). The area pictured is only about half of the actual floor space that will be devoted to the new weight-training area. Pass through the door at the lower middle to go directly to the practice fields.

View across the length of the new second-floor recruiting area. Prospects and their parents will be able to meet and get to know Bama's coaches both before games on unofficial visits and during weekend official visits later in the year. Bama's coaches are especially pleased that they'll now be able to serve meals and entertain everyone in one centralized location. To the back left and middle are the windows looking down on the weight-training area pictured in the previous photo.

Without a professional photographer (which we're not) and specialized lenses, it's basically impossible to picture the huge new weight room properly. When finished, it'll be the second largest in the nation in terms of square footage and will include an indoor track running down the middle of the bottom floor. The new facility will be used by athletes from every sport at The Capstone.

Contrary to what some might expect, Coach Mike Shula's office will actually be somewhat smaller than his existing corner suite. Windows and a door will open onto a balcony which will overlook the Thomas-Drew Practice Fields.

Standing on Shula's balcony and looking out on the practice area. To the left and left background are the existing practice fields. To the right plans are to utilize the space formerly taken up by the old Tennis Stadium for a new practice field (running horizontal to the existing fields), which is expected to be artificial "Field Turf" like the surface inside the Indoor Facility. On rainy days, the team can still practice outside without damaging the grass fields. (That's the Natatorium in the right background.)

During the planning stages of the project Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard was asked what he wanted in the new facility. One of his key requests were floor-to-ceiling windows that would look out on the practice fields. Request granted.

Artist's rendering of the front of the Alabama Football Complex when finished. Expansion and remodeling will add over 30,000 square feet to the existing football building.

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