Track Stadium gets facelift as well

Virtually no aspect of Alabama's athletics program will go untouched by the facilities upgrades. Construction of a new Centralized Power Plant also resulted in an attractive entry area into the Track Stadium, a new track scoreboard and extra storage area for equipment.

(Above left) When the facility improvement plans were first announced, Coach Harvey Glance's track program looked to have been left out in the cold. But with the new power plant, comes a gated entrance plaza, a new ticket booth, chairback seating and a huge scoreboard for fans.

Before the renovations to the Football Complex and Coleman Coliseum could move forward, Alabama had to build an entirely new power plant to service the area. Located between the existing track stadium and the Coliseum, the new Central Power Plant takes up space once occupied by a row of parking spaces. It's decorated on each end with a script "A" emblem, and has a "Sam Bailey Track Stadium" sign running the length of the brick structure. To the back near right is the Crisp Indoor Facility, and in the far background is the existing Football Complex.

On the South side of the power plant building, workmen have constructed an attractive plaza entrance area to the track stadium, greatly enhancing the appearance of what was once a relatively run-down part of campus. In the middle background is the Crisp Indoor Facility. Lights from the football practice fields can be seen in the far background.

Looking at the Power Plant building from inside the stadium, to the left is the track field. Running the entire length of the facing wall between the script "A" emblems, a new track scoreboard will help fans keep track of the action at meets.

It won't likely appear in any University brochures trumpeting the new construction, but Football Equipment Manager Tank Conerly is frankly thrilled with construction taking place next to the Indoor Facility just across from the new Power Plant. In the space once occupied by the old power plant, workers are constructing a large storage area that Conerly plans to use for out-of-season equipment.

For several years now Athletics Director Mal Moore has been forced to endure the old (sometimes rusted) lamp posts that currently light the area around the Football Complex and next to the Track Stadium. As part of the new entryway, those long-out-of-date light posts will finally be consigned to the scrap heap.

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