Exterior nearing completion

Though they're obviously still working feverishly on the interior of the building, for the most part the outside of the new Football Complex Annex is finished. <br><br>When all the work is completed, the old and new sections should blend together almost seamlessly.

(Above left) Northeast corner entrance to the Football Complex Annex, where recruits and their families will enter the building.

Despite some recent bad weather, work on the Football Complex Annex continues on a good pace. They probably won't be able to actually move in until the second or third week of January, but what's already built is more than enough to impress recruits on official visits.

One of two "formal" entrances into the building, the corner entryway will mainly be used for recruiting visits. On game days in the fall, hundreds of high school players and their guests will enter and go upstairs to the recruiting area for refreshments and a chance to meet the Tide coaches. On official visit weekends (mostly in January), the second floor will be the center of activity for visiting prospects.

Once the new construction is finished, the weight room and staff will go ahead and move in, along with Head Coach Mike Shula, the Director of Football Operations and most of the defensive coaches. Everyone else will move to temporary quarters, some in Coleman coliseum and others to trailers located next to Coleman, while the original building (to the left) is completely renovated.

"Shula's Balcony" will open off Coach Shula's office and also from the recruiting area. From that vantage point a visitor will get a clear view of the Indoor Practice Facility and the Thomas-Drew Practice Fields. Also, current plans call for a new practice field, immediately below the balcony and running horizontal to the others, that will be fitted with an artificial surface.

In addition to renovating its interior, the outside face of the present structure will also be modified to more closely match the new construction. Principally, the present entrance will be extended forward, with the receptionist being moved to the ground floor and a lobby that will include a curved stairway heading up to the second floor Hall of Champions.

Reflected in the windows of the new construction, fall is rapidly turning to winter on the Crimson Tide campus.

Artist's rendering of how the front of the new Alabama Football Complex will look when completed. Note to the left the extended and expanded new entryway for public use.

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