Walking tour of weight room interior

It'll probably still be a week or two before the coaches and players can move in, but the new Football Complex Annex and state-of-the-art weight room will be completed soon. <br><br>Strength Coach Ben Pollard takes us on a walking tour.

(Above left) Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard stands at the entrance to his office. Among other improvements, the new annex basically quintupled the available office area for Bama's strength coaches.

View of the ramp leading up to the entrance to the weight room/Football Annex at the Northeast corner of the new construction. This entrance will be used by staff and by recruits and their families.

Coach Pollard gazes up toward the second-floor windows, which look down on the weight room. Visitors to the new facililty have been universally amazed at the expansive size of Bama's new workout area.

View down the hallway to what will be the door to the players' locker room. When finished, the existing locker rooms will be combined and will have direct access to the weight room, one of the features Coach Pollard likes best about the design.

To the left you can see what used to be a shower at the back of the existing training room. A temporary wall was built at the beginning of construction, allowing the workers to tag onto the pre-existing building and concentrate on the new construction without disrupting use of the existing Football Complex.

An indoor track will be installed, running the length of the new weight room in front of the strength coaches' offices. The indoor track will be marked off with lanes and pre-measured, allowing the coaches to do warm-ups inside on rainy days and also do various testing like the standing broad jump, etc.

Not a great picture, but you're looking at the East wall of the Annex, bordering the front parking lot. This part of the weight room is a single story in height, and Coach Pollard plans to install exercise bikes and other cardio machines along the wall to be used by athletes from all the different sports on campus.

Use your imagination a bit, and you're looking at the refreshment corner of the weight room. Besides water, athletes need Gatorade, power bars and the highly coveted (Coach Pollard has to keep them under lock and key) energy milk shakes. All of that will be consolidated in this corner with storage in the next room.

Coach Pollard stands in front of the North wall, which will essentially be covered with mirrors. In the two-story area of the new weight room, he'll place squat platforms and other apparatus that work best with higher ceilings. Note at the top right the window to the second-story recruiting area. Expansion and remodeling will add over 30,000 square feet to the existing football building.

Artist's rendering of the Football Complex. When finished, Alabama will once again have the finest facility in the nation.

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