Alabama's Top Prospect?

<b>Tommy Trott</b> is a big TE/DE prospect out of Montgomery, AL. He is arguably the top prospect in he state of Alabama this year. What schools have mailed the 6'4 240 pounder so far?

"Pretty much most of the SEC. Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, LSU, Georgia, and some others," Tommy Trott said.

Tommy has very strong roots in his home state.

"My dad played at Auburn from 1974 to 1978. He played Center and a little bit of guard. My mom went to Alabama, and her dad played football there for 2 years before switching his scholarship to baseball."

With a family split that strongly, did Tommy lend his allegiance to his father or his mother?

"I grew up an Alabama fan. I don't have any favorites though. I'm looking at any school in the SEC, and also big time schools out of the SEC."

Trott attended camps at Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia a year ago. Which one did he enjoy the most?

"I went to the three day camp at Alabama and Georgia, and I was so sore by the third day that I couldn't do anything. I only went to the day camp at Auburn so I guess it was more fun because it was less work," the Montgomery star joked. "I probably learned the most stuff at the Georgia camp from Coach Johnson."

What will he be looking for most in the college of his choice?

"I just want to feel comfortable and talk to the coaches really. I definitely want to go Division 1."

Trott was MVP of the Alabama State Championship game this year. He is not going to have any trouble picking up big Division one offers as maybe the top prospect in the state of Alabama.

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