Photo report: Facilities upgrades

With the new Football Annex complete, attention has died down somewhat. But several important pieces of the Facilities Upgrade Project are on-going. They include the complete renovation of the existing Football Complex, transforming Bryant Hall into an Academic Support Center, and constructing new stadiums for both Soccer and Tennis.

(Above left) Work continues on the new entry area to the Alabama Football Complex.

In a picture taken two weeks ago, the workmen are in the process of completely tearing out the existing entry area to the Football Complex. Note that the old second floor has been removed and interior walls stripped.

In this photo the roof girders have also been removed. When complete, the new entry area will feature a groundfloor reception lobby with a stairway curving upwards to the second floor Hall of Champions, which will then extend all the way to the back of the building.

Artist's rendering of the front of the completed Football Complex. Note that the new entrance will extend forward from the existing walls.

Looking through the doorway into what used to be the weight room, you can see that workmen are in the process of completely gutting the existing floor space. Around the corner can be seen light from the entrance. Immediately inside these doors will be the new training area, including state-of-the-art hydro-therapy pools for rehabbing injuries.

Taking a look at the back of Bryant Hall. When finished, the former football dorm will have been transformed into a modern Academic Support Center, to be used by scholarshipped athletes and Engineering students. At present, the interior has been gutted and work is set to begin on the inside. The basic exterior facade will remain the same.

The photo was taken at dusk, but you can see to the left and right construction on the pavilion/concession stands/locker rooms for the Soccer Stadium. Note the ticket booth in the front center and the open walkway between the two new structures, which will lead down to the existing Soccer Field.

Artist's rendering of the entrance to the Soccer Stadium, when complete.

You'll have to use your imagination a bit more on this one, but you're looking at the back building of what will become the new Outdoor Tennis Stadium. The ground in the foreground has been cleared for courts (two in this view), which will back up to the center structure on both sides.

Artist's rendering of the completed Tennis Stadium. Note the stands along the top of the buildings. Bathrooms, concession areas, offices, locker rooms and storage will make up the one-story buildings running down the middle of the stadium.

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