An Appropriate Name for Offensive Lineman

Sometimes a player's name is a perfect reflection on the player himself. That is the case with <b>Eric Block</b>. Block is an offensive lineman from Jesuit High School in New Orleans, La. that visited the University of Alabama for Junior Day.

Currently, he is receiving a lot of interest from schools across the country. "I have received around thirty letters. The ones who have been the most consistent are Alabama, Auburn, Nebraska, LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Ole Miss," Eric Block said.

Block admits his favorites out of this group and said, "I really like Alabama, Nebraska and Auburn. His leader, "Right now, it's either Alabama or Nebraska. I really like both schools and I really like the atmosphere at both campuses," Block added.

"I did attend Junior Day (Alabama) two weeks ago and I really liked it. I liked the way things are run. Coach Shula is a great coach. His presence on the field is just awesome," replied Block.

Junior Day is always packed with activities for the athletes and Block said, "I talked to Coach Shula for about fifteen or twenty minutes. I also talked to Coach Wyatt. He is the recruiting coach for my area and he seemed to know a lot about where I was from. He was very friendly and welcoming."

Tuscaloosa is not the only stop for Block this spring. "I went to one of Auburn's practices. I went to LSU's Junior Day and I'm going to Ole Miss sometime," Block added.

Block's strengths on the football field are a big plus, and he said, "I'm really good at run blocking. Our coach instilled in us a really mean attitude in blocking guys and just driving them back and putting them on the ground. This year, we are going to be a passing team and I can really show-off my passing skills."

During the off-season, athletes always want to improve. Block said, "I would like to just make sure I finish my blocks each time."

Block has a couple of things in mind when the time comes for him to make his college decision. "Obviously, the football program. I really want to go to a school where I feel comfortable and that goes in Alabama's favor right now. Several people from around this area go to school there and I have friends that go there and many of my friends have talked about going to school there next year," Block replied.

Attending summer camps are on Block's agenda and he added, "All the schools keep telling me to come to theirs but I'm definitely going to go to Nebraska's and Alabama's camp."

Block was named All-District, All-Region and the Clarion-Herald's All-Catholic Team.

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