Ready to Strap it on for the Tide

Justin Britt is a soon to be Cullman High School graduate and a '04 signee of the Crimson Tide. Britt will leave high school as a Two Time State Champion.

"I won the Discus and Shot Put for the second year in a row. It is a good feeling. I'm not sure what (place) our team finished, but with me winning those two events, it really helped us," Justin Britt added.

Currently, Britt is working-out and getting ready to graduate. "Alabama has sent me their work-out program. I have been working-out with my strength coach. That is really helping me," Britt said.

Britt has been staying in contact with some of his future teammates. "I talk to Curtis (Dawson), J.P. (Wilson) and B.J. (Stabler) a lot. They all plan to go down in early July. I plan to go down the end of June. I will be taking classes in July," Britt replied.

Next season, Britt is looking forward to playing with older brothers Wesley and Taylor. Wesley is recovering from knee surgery and is doing well according to the youngest Britt brother. "He is doing good. Right now, he is about 95% on lifting weights. It will not be much longer until he is ready," Britt said.

As talk continues about the Britt brothers and the 'Britt Wall' that could be formed on the offensive line, Justin Britt said, "I think I will be playing defense. I'm not exactly sure. I think they are going to need me more on defense."

Britt is on task with his size and added, "I went to the A-Day game and they weighed us with our shoes off. I weighed 278. I'm about 280 now, and that is the weight I wanted to get to."

This fall, two players from the Cullman team will join the Crimson Tide squad. Justin Britt and walk-on punter Joseph McPhillips.

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