Three Inducted into Sports Hall of Fame

Three former University of Alabama athletes were inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame over the weekend. The Class of 2004 included Bobby Humphrey, Cornelius Bennett and Reginald King.

"It is very special to be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. As you become older, this makes your mind go back and reminisce about all the accomplishments you made throughout life when you receive an honor like this," said Bobby Humphrey. "You appreciate when all the coaches were hard on you. I devoted all my time, energy, and effort to football."

Humphrey's effort earned him the status of All-American at the University of Alabama (1986 & '87). Humphrey is also number one on Alabama's all-time, all-purpose yards list for a career 4,958 yards and a season with 2,016.

"I did things no one else was willing to do, and that is how I got to all levels of football."

Humphrey was the first Denver Bronco to record back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing seasons (1989 & '90).

"I never dreamed or thought about playing in the NFL. I just loved football."

Humphrey's football experience naturally had an impact on his life. "The way I run my program (Head Coach Birmingham Steeldogs) is a reflection of me playing at Alabama, Denver and Miami. We ran a professional organization at Alabama. That experience has helped me with the Steeldogs. I want to run my program (Steeldogs) on a level like that at Alabama."

When asked if he had any aspirations to coach on another level Humphrey admitted, "I have the desire to become a college or NFL coach. I can motivate players to win and to become better citizens."

Bennett joined his former teammate Bobby Humphrey in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. While it wasn't clear where Bennett would play when he arrived in Tuscaloosa, there was little doubt about where he ended up.

"Coach Perkins said he would try me two weeks at running back, two weeks at linebacker and two weeks at tight end," said Bennett. "After a couple of days at linebacker, Coach wanted to know how it was going. I said OK."

Bennett is known in most circles for the nickname "Biscuit." Bobby Humphrey recalls, "In high school, he ate about 12-14 biscuits his mom cooked and people started calling him Biscuit."

Bennett earned All-American honors three consecutive years (1984- '86). He also became the first linebacker to win the prestigious Vince Lombardi Trophy ('86). This award given annually to the top college lineman in the country.

Bennett played in five Super Bowls, four with the Buffalo Bills and one with the Atlanta Falcons.

Reginald "Mule" King is the only basketball player in the group inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of fame last weekend.

King was All-Time leading scorer at the University of Alabama (2,168) and named SEC Athlete of the Year in 1979.

King told a story about his neighborhood friend, Bennett. "I came home for a visit one time from the pros. Everyone was talking about Biscuit. I said I did not know anybody named Biscuit. They told me it was 'Fat Daddy'. I still call him that. It's all I knew."

King played six years in the NBA, four with the Kansas City Kings and two with the Seattle Supersonics.

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