Five Offers For McCain

No on knows for sure whether Briarwood Christian star Andrew McCain will be a tight end or a defensive end in college. But one thing is sure: he will be playing college football. He has already received at least five offers and more will be coming.

" I have received offers from Louisville (DE), Arkansas (TE), Georgia Tech (TE), Duke (TE/DE), and Ole Miss (DE)," said McCain, 6-5, 230.

McCain is excited about each of his new offers and gave us his opinion of each.

Louisville: "Coach Petrino is really a heck of a guy and I really like Coach Whitt."

Arkansas: "They are great just about every year. I really like Coach Nutt."

Georgia Tech: "An awesome place. Coach Gailey is a really awesome guy. Very classy guy. The ACC is really a great conference. They just added Miami and Virginia Tech. They will be one of the top conferences."

Duke: "It's a great campus. The academics are second to none."

Ole Miss: "I love Coach Hobby and Coach Cutcliffe. I really like the campus a lot. They just built a new indoor football complex I really like."

McCain has been offered as a tight end by some and a defensive end by others. "I have always had a defensive mindset," McCain said. "Every defensive player wants to score a touchdown. I like tight end as well. I can't say at this point which position I would like to play."

A lot of offers and a lot to think about. McCain said, "Right now, I don't really have a leader. I'm going to wait until after the summer when I get a chance to attend some camps. I want to talk to the coaches some more."

McCain replied, "Alabama, Auburn and North Carolina," are still schools under consideration that have not offered.

McCain has a busy summer camp schedule and plans to camp at Ole Miss, Auburn, Florida, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Alabama. McCain did add, "Subject to change."

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