Crimson Bloodlines Run Deep for Alabama OL

Tyler Haynes is an offensive tackle from Vestavia Hills High School that hasn't been talked about much, but that could change in the very near future. He has Alabama bloodlines that run deep.

Tyler Haynes comes from a family of rich Alabama football heritage. His uncle, George Salem, played for the Crimson Tide in the early/mid 80's. His grandfather was the starting tailback in the 50's. His uncle, Greg Haynes, played under Coach Bear Bryant in the late 70's. His great uncle, Ed Salem, was an All-American in 1950 for the Crimson Tide and played for the Washington Redskins.

Haynes has received interest from over 35 schools. "I have received about 35-40 letters. Every SEC school has sent me letters except South Carolina and Arkansas. Other schools outside the SEC include, Florida State, Clemson, Marshall, Kansas State, Oregon, and Georgia Tech," said Haynes.

I'm considering Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Clemson and Louisville."

When asked about a leader, Haynes replied, "It's between Alabama and Auburn. I would say Alabama has a slight edge over Auburn."

Given the family heritage, Haynes added, "I have grown up an Alabama fan. I have been going to the games ever since I was little. I really like both places though. The past couple of years, I have started going to a few Auburn games and I really like it over there as well."

"Coach Harbison (Alabama) called me after I sent him my highlight tape. He put Coach Connelly on the phone. Coach Connelly said he was impressed with my tape. He said if I come to camp and perform like I did on film, then there would be much more for them to discuss with me."

Haynes continued, "Coach Harbison is one of the nicest coaches I have spoken to so far and I have talked to a lot of coaches. He is very genuine. I really like Coach Connelly as well. He seems really cool."

This summer, Haynes will travel to several camps. "I'm going to Auburn this weekend, Alabama, next Monday through Wednesday, and Georgia Tech's mini-camp in July. I might go to one more. Maybe LSU," Haynes replied.

Haynes knows his strengths on the field and said, "I am very aggressive and smart. I'm very quick off the ball and have good strength. I want to work on my straight on speed. I have good shuttle speed, (5-10-5) in 4.1. I also want to work on finishing off my block a little bit better."

Facing a college decision, Haynes knows what he will seek. "There are a bunch of different things such as where I feel I have the best chance to get a good education. I will look at playing time and where I can go and win lots of games. I will also pay close attention to the coaching staffs," Haynes replied.

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