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You name it, we talked about it. An hour long chat session with the members of BamaMag and TheInsiders' Scott Kennedy and Andrew Bone<b>. If you're an Alabama fan, or even a recruiting fan in General, you'll find more information in this transcript than you will surfing 10 hours of updates</b>... Don't Miss It!

Andrew Bone: at the camp this week....53 QBs, 59 OL's

and12: I need some ammo. So tell me, how does the recruits that have qualified academically stack up with other schools. I am tired of arguing.

Scott Kennedy: I was at Auburn for 4 days this weekend for 2 camps
YogiB: Scott, Who stood out at QB?
Scott Kennedy
: at the passing camp, the best QB was Wayne Campbell of Port Charlotte, Fla, his dad was a coach at Tuskegee that passed away last year... 6-5/212, rifle arm...

AndrewBone: talked to Jimmy Barnes tonight
YogiB: Drew, What did Barnes have to say?
Andrew Bone
: Barnes could commit on Sat....

YogiB: Drew, Since Barnes plays on West Coast, do we know much about him?
Andrew Bone: I do not know much about him...but will see on Sat.

YogiB: Do the coaches sometimes know about problems with the kids that they prefer to avoid, so don't offer?
Scott Kennedy
: sure they do Yogi...  that happens all the time... if a kid doesn't have any offers, if you're not ready to take him as a commitment, you don't offer... f a kid already has some offers, and you're interested, you go ahead and offer him, knowing he won't commit, but you get your foot in the door... that's one reason I don't look real hard at who has offers from whom when ranking prospects I've seen...

and12: Scott, Where would you rank us nationally with the recruits that have qualified for the upcoming school year?
Scott Kennedy
: and12... I think Alabama's class of 19 is going to be in the lower 1/3 of the SEC.  I'll re-do the numbers and show you a comparison in August. 
: Thanks. I was hoping it would be better but we have taken some hits.

YogiB: Scott, does that mean that you agree with posters on our board that say our recruiting class has gone down due to academics?
Scott Kennedy: Yogi.... it had to go down... 27 signees... 8 weren't going to make it... that's 1/3 of the class... that's a pretty big hit... look at it the other way... if you picked up 8 3 star players this summer, y'all would be doing back flips...
perrybama: The only thing that matters is that we signed 19 that will enroll and they are all quality kids that will be the nucleus of a winning class in the future
and12: I see where you are coming from. But I see the glass as half full, not half empty.
Scott Kennedy:  y'all just asked me if the class has taken a hit..  I think it has... but like Greg Wallace said,  it certainly wasn't unexpected.
perrybama: I think the surprise qualifier is Johns and he is an underrated stud

bamarox: Scott, in the SEC who looks like best in 2005 recruiting wise. Do you have a feel for any of the top kids preferences this early
Scott KennedyLSU is being very choosy... they are going to get the cream of the crop... Georgia is cleaning house as well (at least the early returns looks that way). Florida is on a bubble year I think... Florida needs a good year on the field to compliment a good recruiting staff.

bamarox: Will there be availability of quality kids out of Louisiana?
Scott Kennedy: there are about 80 D1 signees in La. if LSU takes the Top 15, there are going to be some dang good football players leftover

YogiB: After Hargrave, will Brandon Fanney and Lorenzo Washington have four or five years to play NCAA football at Bama?
Scott Kennedy
: 5 to play 4. they will enroll as true freshmen. that's why I hate to see a kid so far gone that he has to go to a JuCo. but see it as OK if they go to Hargrave.
YogiB: Thanks, Scott.  5 to play 4 is good. 
Scott Kennedy: Hargrave will make men out of those guys, and if they wash out there, you'll know they weren't made to play at Alabama anyway.

bamabubba: There was mention the NCAA might think about a five-year rule, five years to play five seasons with no redshirting anymore.  Any truth to that?
Scott Kennedy: never heard that bubba, that would be surprising

YogiB: Some college presidents and academic VPs say that JUCO is the appropriate route for students who do not otherwise qualify
Scott Kennedy
: I think they would like to see Junior  Colleges become feeders for high school football players with no interest in education,  rather than their Universities..

and12: Who do you see as the darkhorse in the West this upcoming season?
Scott Kennedy: shoot, seems like they're all always darkhorses in the west...  lol.. I've said for a while that I think Mississippi State is going to be decent... not SEC West Champions, but they have some talent on that team. they just quit on Sherrill. they're as big and physical as anyone in the conference...
and12: I believe that Sherrill had worn out his welcome.
Scott Kennedy: I've talked with coaches and players' parents that said, when we saw those guys get off the bus and warm up, we thought... "Good Lord, those guys are huge"... then they mailed in the season.

bamarox: Andrew, Will there be any new offers after senior camp on saturday
Andrew Bone: rox...should see some new offers, and I wouldn't be surprised by some commitments.  over 300 seniors are expected
bamarox: Will there be any kids there with existing offers
Andrew Bone: yes
bamarox: care to name names!!
Andrew Bone: Tommy Trott, Careg Bonner, Jerraud Powers, Terrell  Smith...just to name a few
Scott Kennedy: there will be a ton of prospects at Alabama this weekend
YogiB: Smith maybe close to commit?
Andrew Bone: Bonner could be closer

Bama114: scott i saw where chris rogers was from al. seems we are in good shape with him  what's your feel
Scott Kennedy: I saw Chris at a Camp this spring, but haven't really talked with him about schools...  sounds like a good time for an update.
LGwin: Chris Rogers is very high on Alabama.

tstearns: Andrew or Scott, who is looking good on the defensive line for Bama for commiting

YogiB: Bonner a true TE, or other positions as well?
Andrew Bone: Yogi..a great TE
Andrew Bone: 32 TEs are at the camp this week
Scott Kennedy: Bonner is a pretty good TE, but I don't put him on the same level as Gabe McKenzie, Trott, or Charles Hoke. I like those guys better
YogiB: I lreally like those TEs with an attitude, ala Trent Davidson
LGwin: One thing to remember: Bonner is faster than Hoke, Trott, and McKenzie
Scott Kennedy: I saw Bonner this weekend, he didn't look near as fast as Trott or McKenzie.
LGwin: Did Bonner camp at Auburn?
Scott Kennedy: Bonner was at Auburn this weekend...

YogiB: Scott, what schools do you think are ahead for McKenzie, Trott, and Hoke?
Scott Kennedy: McKenzie is flirting with the big boys out of state right now...  I think Trott stays in state. Alabama has some pretty good ties to Briarwood (Hoke).
tstearns: Trot to the barn, especially if we get Bonner and Hoke

tstearns: D-Line prospects, any ideas who we are looking good with
Andrew Bone: Wes Brown
Scott Kennedy: I'm a big Wes Brown fan. I think he ends up on offense though

kent4bama: Todd Walker....any chance we can get him out of Texas?
Scott Kennedy: I've been told he calls Alabama coaches a lot more than he mentions to anyone publicly... meaning, you don't hear him talk a lot about Alabama,  but he is talking to Alabama a lot...

LGwin: Besides, James Davis...any ideas on which Douglass players are expected in on Saturday?
Scott Kennedy: I don't know who is going to be there from Douglass. 

YogiB: How many can GaTech, UGA, and LSU sign this year, and if a low number, does that help us?
Scott Kennedy: LSU and Georgia will only sign about 35-38 total. Tech doesn't go head to head with the Alabama very often. 
YogiB: Scott, I asked about Tech because a number of the Georgia players mention them in their favored list of five.
Scott Kennedy: Yogi, you'd actually be surprised how few do... if you're going into Georgia, you are going to have to fight off... Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, and FSU 9 times out of 10.

and12: Do you think that our recruiting classes will continue to improve or is the rest of the league that competitive? Only your opinion.
Scott Kennedy
:  I think this recruiting class will continue to improve on last years. better grades in Alabama this year too.
kent4bama: better grades is always a plus

tstearns: Zach Anderson...looks like a good DE...Is he ours if we offer????????
Scott Kennedy: I think Auburn may be the team to beat for Anderson. He told me he wants to come back in state for sure though. So... Auburn or Alabama

bama20: what about some good LB for Bama? who are we closing in on if anyone?
Scott Kennedy
: All the LBs are in Georgia this year. bunch in Florida as well.
bama20: shoot
Scott Kennedy: there are going to be more than enough to go around. This is definitely the year if you need LB's
bama20: we need some for sure

tomcatt: what about rbs?
Scott Kennedy
: bad year for RB's this year
Scott Kennedy: I've heard that Alabama may still be in it with LaMarcus Coker, now that Joker is for real.

and12: Scott, Where do you rank the alabama high school athletes with the others in this region? Another question for argument.
Scott Kennedy: it goes in cycles... 2 years ago, the top of the heap was as good as any in the country, Russell, Jackson, Swain, Sears. Last year was fair, but a lot of the top guys didn't have grades. In the south, Alabama is 4th out of my 8 states for D1 signees. 1. Florida, 2. Georgia, 3. Louisiana, 4. Alabama. Georgia has almost as many as 3 and 4 combined, and Florida has almost as many as 2, 3, and 4 combined.

bama20: scott, what do you know about Quincy Marshall from clarke central, ga? any chance he considers bama?
Scott Kennedy: bama20, I think there is a good chance. He's a compact, middle linebacker type.very solid, very strong, capable of playing early if needed
bama20: he reminds me of pope
Scott Kennedy
: he doesn't quite have the speed of Pope. y'all remember Tony Gilbert at Georgia, 3 year starter?  4.85/4.9 guy? that's what Marshall is like.

and12: Is there anyone in the upcoming class that you think will makea significant difference coming in this fall?
Scott Kennedy
: one of the wide receivers is going to have to

YogiB: Scott and Bone:  Do different coaches value different aspects of prospects differently?  For instance, it looks to me that CMS...
Scott Kennedy
: sure they do Yogi, you'd be surprised what certain coaches look for, some look at Ankle sizes, some have actually measured the circumference of a player's head. some want to know how tall he is at the shoulder, or if he is a long neck guy.
YogiB: They say Coach Bryant looked at the hands and feet of prospects.  He thought bigger was better as athletes go on hands and feet.
Scott Kennedy: Yogi, I'll look at shoe sizes and wrist sizes for sure...  I want to see how much weight a kid can carry.
YogiB: I see, Scott.  It also appears to me that CMS values speed at every position, and wants to meet the prospects personally to size them up.
Scott Kennedy: every scout wants to put an eyeball on a kid

tstearns: Knight and Stamps LB's, right??
Scott Kennedy: Stamps may have to play WR, but he is a more natural LB, that's his best position.
Andrew Bone
: Stamps looked good at WR

LGwin: any scoop on Larry Shappley?  He's very impressive looking on the hoof.
Scott Kennedy
: LG, I think Alabama has a good shot with Shappley

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