Alabama's Next Commitment?

<b>Jimmy Barnes</b> is headed to Tuscaloosa and if he likes what he sees, Alabama will have landed a top flight quarterback from California.

"I'm ready to get there. My dad, mom and I are all coming. We are leaving early Thursday morning," Jimmy Barnes said.

Alabama fans will like the fact that Barnes is already talking the talk. 

"I love the tradition at Alabama. My whole life I have watched Alabama football. I like if I come to Alabama, I will have a chance to play for a National Championship."

The Alabama coaches have definitely made an impression on Barnes.

"I really like Coach Shula and Coach Rader. I have talked to them many times. I think Coach Rader is a very good coach. He and Coach Shula seem to be on the same page about everything."

As a former quarterback, Coach Mike Shula is relating extremely well to the quarterback prospects. Barnes is impressed. "I really like Coach Shula. He was a quarterback, so he knows all the ups and downs of being a quarterback."

Alabama is not the only school courting Barnes. "About eleven schools have offered me but we have decided to keep that in the family for now," Barnes added.

"Alabama is my number one. I am also considering Miami, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, and Colorado State."

The out-of-state schools have his full attention. "I have no problem leaving the state. I was planning on leaving the state no matter what," Barnes said.

When asked if he plans to commit while in Tuscaloosa, Barnes replied, "We will see if everything goes good. That is definitely a possibility. I know everything will go great."

Alabama is the first camp this summer for Barnes and it may be the last. When asked about other camp visits, Barnes said, "I'm not sure. I might not need to after this weekend. If I do commit, I probably will not go on any official visits except for Alabama."

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