College Football Playoff is Way Overhyped

If you don't think college football is the best sport on the planet then please bear with me, you'll be calling me a moron soon enough. If you'd rather watch the first round NCAA men's basketball tournament than a mid-season SEC college football match-up, then this opinion isn't for you.

But if you are one of those guys or gals, and you're still reading, I have a request: Stop ranting about how screwed up the BCS and college football is. Please! Some of us college football purists enjoy the sport because it isn't a cookie-cutter of the National Football League.

Some of us enjoy the fact that a college football team's first game of the year carries just as much weight as it does at the end of the year. I believe we are a silent majority, in fact. Too silent.

"College football is the only sport where the champion isn't decided on the playing surface," you say.

Bull! In basketball, for instance, a group of over-intellectual, under-informed committee members sit in a room and manipulate the NCAA tournament bracket to the point of making basketball's regular season near pointless, especially those games in November and December. I'm sure it's the same way for Division II and III football playoffs. That's not deciding things on the field, even if it is paying it lip service.

For example, let's take Alabama's 2004 "Elite 8" hoops squad, a great year without question. If Connecticut, who was clearly the best team in the nation, had been seeded ahead of Stanford as it should've been, the Tide would have been doomed to an extremely ordinary second-round exit trouncing by the Huskies.

Poke holes in the BCS method all you like, at least it's in the public domain and laid out for everyone to see before the regular season. And the match-ups are not made politicking in a smoky room behind closed doors after you've played all your regular season games like basketball's field of 64 (plus one).

Please don't go ruining nearly 150 years of unmatched pageantry, tradition, and yes, sometimes controversy over your "new-fangled" idea of a playoff. Please, don't go applying college football's system to basketball to discredit me, either. I know the BCS formula for basketball would be ludicrous, and I really do enjoy the NCAA hoops tourney.

Please don't make college football like the "Wake me up in March" college basketball format. I enjoy the NCAA tournament, office pool or not, but I don't give a rip in the first few months of the season. Don't make it a Xerox copy of The NFL's "rouse me around Week 10" format, when the playoff picture is rounding into shape.

College football is the only place where a team can make or break it's year on the first day of the season. It's the only sport in which Auburn, for example, can be totally and absolutely eliminated from the national championship picture after its second game - season over - for a preseason national champion. No "But if we win the rest of our games…," no "We can still make the playoffs." It's over. Thus the beauty, to the purist, in college football.

The university presidents who have had the most influence in preventing a college football playoff are right, even if it's only by coincidence. Don't contend the sky is yellow just because someone you don't like says it's blue. You'd be just as wrong as you are in trashing the BCS.

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