On the Verge of a Commitment

<b>Byron Walton</b> of West Morgan in Trinity, Ala. is a big line prospect that is on the verge of making a commitment.

"I haven't committed to Alabama officially yet," said Byron Walton. "I told Coach Ball that I wanted to bring my mother there and show her around before I made an official commitment. I think I'll go over with my mom when schools starts; it might be the first week of August or the last week of July. I'm not to sure about that. "

While Walton hasn't made an official commitment, he left little doubt that it is only a matter of time before he chooses the Crimson Tide.

"It's just a home feeling. I felt like it as a good place to be. I felt like I have everything going for me over there. I'm near my family; I just felt like I was at home when I was there."

Walton is being recruited at defensive tackle for Alabama. At 6-3 and 300 pounds, Walton posted a 29.5 inch vertical jump at a recent camp. He had a productive junior season despite missing several games with a hamstring pull and a sprained ankle. He piled up 50+ tackles and finished the regulars season healthy.

Quality big men are always at a premium, and Alabama is on the verge of getting a good one.

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