More Important than Practice

While a few incoming freshman might be sleeping lightly Monday night, dreaming of a hard day's first practice, Anthony Bryant will be dreaming about "principles, methods, techniques, and resources used in developing, presenting, and evaluating a complete consumer communication program."

That's because Anthony Bryant must pass his Consumer Communications class in order to be eligible to play his senior season of football at Alabama. Bryant isn't sweating it too much, though. The senior-to-be from Newbern, Alabama told reporters Monday that he has an "A" going into the final, which he will take at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"I should be done in the next 24 hours and I will be ready for the fall," Bryant said Monday afternoon.

Bryant, not the fondest of granting interviews, said answering questions about his coursework has been worse than the actual class. "(The class) has been fun, but it's been challenging, too," Bryant said.

Bryant has done the job in the classroom, but has also done what he needed to do to prepare himself for his senior year on the field. Bryant said he is in better shape than he was a year ago, and will enter practice tomorrow at 325 pounds. "I lost weight and got in great shape," Bryant said. "I've gotten stronger in my upper and lower body."

When Bryant takes his place as the starter at left defensive tackle alongside Jeremy Clark tomorrow afternoon, he will have completed his requirements for graduation, but Bryant said he would probably wait until December to walk in graduation ceremonies.

Bryant's presence on the squad for 2004 is welcome news to the Crimson Tide squad, which has suffered its share of losses due to academic concerns, mostly surrounding signees.

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