Tide's Friday Practice Full of Spirit

The Alabama football team's second day of practice in shoulder pads and helmets looked more like a wrestling match than a football practice at times, with the spirited hitting during plays turning into something that more resembled a WWE Royal Rumble on several occasions Friday.

Tyrone Prothro and Anthony Madison began one melee, JB Closner and Allen Long another, and there were several other pile-ups turned shoving matches that caused Mike Shula to have a mid-practice pow-wow with his entire team before resuming the drills.

"Any time there's a fight we have to stop practice and we're wasting time," Head Coach Mike Shula said. "You've got to know the difference in things that are going to cost us a penalty or waste time in practice. We want the guys to be going as much as they can like a game tempo, but we're one team and we don't want to kill each other in practice."

Shula said that Mark Anderson impressed him with his pass rushing, as the squad focused on third down and long situations in team drills. Anderson hurried Brodie Croyle and batted an attempted Croyle pass down at the line. Shula also mentioned Simeon Castille as one of the standouts. "Simeon has done some good things over the past couple of days," he said. "The young receivers were not quite as sharp today, but Brodie Croyle has been sharp all week."

When asked, Shula also said that Patrick Gordon had done some good things at wide receiver in the first week of practice.

Todd Bates, Jeremy Clark, JB Closner and Danny Martz looked impressive in one-on-one drills with the offensive line trying to run-block versus a defensive lineman.

Members of the orange jersey squad, those who weren't cleared for full-speed practice, included Anthony Bryant, Freddie Roach, Will Roach, Greg McLain, David Cavan, Antonio Carter, Chris Turner, and Keith Brown. Brown wore a bandage around his upper left thigh during practice.

DeMarcus Waldrop, who wore orange Thursday, was back in his regular jersey. Waldrop was involved in one of the louder collisions of the day as he met Kenneth Darby at the line of scrimmage during inside running drills.

Chris Capps injured his right leg during practice and had to be helped off the field by trainers. Charlie Peprah limped off the field during one-on-one drills. Peprah said that heard a pop in the back of his leg, just above the bend of his knee. Peprah was waiting to be evaluated further by the training staff to determine the severity of the injury, but he did not feel like it was serious.

Tyrone Prothro continued to prove himself as a weapon, catching a pass in the flats just beyond the line of scrimmage and avoiding being touched as he raced downfield past defenders.

Alabama marks another milestone Saturday, donning full pads for the first time.

"Tomorrow we'll be able to tell more in full pads and hitting," Shula said. "We won't be tackling full speed, and if we do it will just be in a few drills. We'll wait until Monday before tackling full speed."

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