Matt Caddell Will Have People Talking

In Alabama's pre-spring prospectus, redshirt freshman receiver Matt Caddell was not listed in the top four of an admittedly lackluster receiving corps. Caddell's name was no longer on the tip of everyone's tongue after Tyrone Prothro became the standout true freshman of Caddell's class a year go.

Caddell began to change all that in the spring, however, being named the most improved receiver following spring training. And even so, Crimson Tide quarterback Brodie Croyle said that there is "no comparison" to Caddell in the spring, and Caddell now. In his eyes, Caddell was the most improved receiver throughout the course of fall camp, true freshmen included.

Caddell has probably been asked for his assessment of the true freshmen receivers, especially DJ Hall and Keith Brown, more than he's been asked about his own performance on the field. While that should be taken as a compliment to the position-upgrade, and not a knock on Caddell, Matt knew he had to earn his spot.

"When you have a lot of hype and competition coming in it makes you want to get better," Caddell said. "I'm making them better, too. The new receivers motivated me coming in. Everybody was talking about them, and I want to make a name for myself to."

Caddell probably learned something from the new guys, and like everyone else, he's been most impressed with Hall's performance. "He's maturing quick and learning the game quick. He's got that confidence, a swagger about him," Cadell said.

The "swagger" it what Head Coach Mike Shula has noticed most about Caddell. Shula said Caddell has exhibited more confidence in his own abilities than in the past. After becoming just another face in the crowd a year ago, Caddell agrees that his confidence level is high.

"Every day it seems like it gets bigger and bigger and I'm building my confidence back," Caddell said. "I've been working against our first-string secondary and we compete hard every day."

Reporters have a tendency what's new and what's changing during fall camp, but Caddell solidified his spot in the receiving rotation by being one of the most consistent receivers over the course of the fall.

He caught eight passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns in the Tide's three scrimmages, trailing only Hall in receptions. Prothro also caught eight passes, for 126 yards and two touchdowns in the scrimmages.

These three athletes will lead Alabama's receiving corps on September 4th, when the Tide tees it up for the first time against Utah State, when Matt Caddell hopes to have 80,000-plus fans remembering his name once again.

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