Still Solid with Tennessee?

Wes Brown is one of the top lineman in the Southeast. Brown made a commitment to the University of Tennessee earlier in the season, but he will visit two other schools.

"I have been thinking about going to a few games. I am still committed to Tennessee, but if something ever happens, I want to get a feel for some other schools. I am going to go to the Alabama/Auburn game. If Tennessee is playing an Away game, then I will probably go to an Alabama or Auburn game," said Wes Brown.

"I called Coach Ball at Alabama about two weeks ago. I called to see how everything was going down there. I have seen they are putting together a pretty good recruiting class," Brown added.

Brown is still impressed with the in-state schools.

"At Alabama, I really like the place a lot and the coaches. I really like Coach Shula and they have some really good things going on down there right now.

At Auburn, it's about the same. I really like Coach Tuberville and Coach Dunn. I still get letters from them, and it always puts a smile on my face," said Brown.

Even though Brown likes the two in-state schools, it was Tennessee that received his commitment.

"It was just what I always wanted to do. I felt like I had a lot of pressure on me, and I feel like I made the right decision. It has relieved a lot of pressure for me."

Brown does not expect anything to change for now.

"I'd say it will be after the season before I will have my definite decision."

Athens High School lost their season opener to Decatur. Decatur featured Alabama commitment, Sam Burnthall another top defensive back in Alabama, Jerraud Powers.

"Yeah, we got beat. Decatur was a really tough team. We held them until late in the first half. They threw a pass to Jerraud and he scored. Jerraud is a great player. Sam Burnthall also had a good game. He is a great player and very tough," said Brown.

This week, Athens will travel to Muscle Shoals.

"I know they run smash mouth football. They line three guys up in the backfield and run the wishbone. We are going to have to be tough upfront and our linebackers are going to have to make plays. I am very confident we will win the game," Brown added.

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