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If this were basketball and we were looking at NCAA Tournament chance, Arkansas, with a 2-1 record, might be rated ahead of Alabama, 3-0. That's because there aren't many quality wins in the mix–perhaps zero–but Arkansas does have a quality loss. The Razorbacks had a near miss against Texas.

Alabama has wins over Utah State (the third best team in the state of Utah), Western Kentucky (a Division 1-AA team), and Mississippi (a team that needed a break from Southeastern Conference officials to beat Vanderbilt in overtime). In addition to the 22-20 loss to Texas–a game in which the Razorbacks should have had a chip shot field goal to take a 23-22 lead late in the game, except for a bonehead play by either the quarterback or the coaching staff–the Hogs have a 63-13 win over New Mexico State and a 49-20 win over Louisiana-Monroe last week. This will be Arkansas' fourth straight home game.

Statistics may not mean much after the few number of games played. Nevertheless, here is a comparison of some offensive and defensive statistics.

Arkansas is first in the SEC and seventh in the nation in scoring offense at 44 points per game, while Bama is second in the conference and ninth in the nation at 42.7 points per game. In scoring defense, Bama is second in the league and seventh in the nation, giving up 8.0 points per game, while Arkansas is sixth in the SEC and 37th nationally, allowing 18.3.

Alabama leads the SEC and is 17th in the country in rushing, 241 yards per game, while the Razorbacks are second in the league and 20th in the nation, 228.3. The Tide is also first in the conference and is 11th in the nation in rushing defense, allowing 73 yards per game, while the Hogs are seventh in the conference and 59th nationally, giving up 135.7.

Arkansas is first in the league and 15th in the country in passing offense, 297.3 yards per game, with Bama sixth in the SEC and 62nd in the nation, 201.7 yards per game. In pass defense, Alabama is second in the league and 14th in the nation, giving up 143.3 yards per game, while Arkansas is ninth in the league and 61st nationally, allowing 204.7 yards per game. In pass efficiency, Arkansas is first and Alabama fourth. In pass efficiency defense, Alabama is first and Arkansas 10th.

Arkansas is first in total offense and seventh in the nation with an astounding 525.7 yards per game (and 7.0 yards per play), while Bama is third in the league and 26th nationally, 442.7 (and 6.4 yards per play). Alabama is first in total defense in the SEC and fifth in the country, allowing 216.3 yards per game, while the Hogs are seventh in the conference and 52nd in the nation, 340.3.

Alabama leads the league and is fifth in the nation in kickoff returns with a 35.8 average on five runbacks, while Arkansas is seventh in the SEC and 65th in the nation, averaging 18.6 on seven returns. The Razorbacks average 5.9 yards per punt return, seventh in the SEC and 86th nationally, while the Tide averages 5.6, ninth in the SEC and 89th in the country. Alabama is third in the conference and 28th in the nation in net punting, 39.8 yards on 16 punts, while Arkansas is last in the league and 87th nationally, 33.8 on 12 punts.

In the two statistics that coaches pay much attention to:

In turnover margin, Alabama is tied for first in the SEC and 11th in the nation at plus five (Bama has four fumble recoveries, four interceptions and has lost three fumbles, no interceptions), while Arkansas is tied for seventh in the league and 49th in the nation at plus one (the Razorbacks have four interceptions and three fumble recoveries and have lost three fumbles and been intercepted three times).

In third down conversions, Arkansas is third in the league, 24 of 45 for 53.3 per cent, and Alabama is fifth, 17 of 38 for 44.7. Bama has been the SEC's best against opponents in third down situations, allowing 11 conversions in 43 attempts, 25.6 per cent, while Arkansas is fifth in the league, giving up 14 first downs on 44 third down opportunities, 31.8 per cent.

In miscellaneous statistics:

Arkansas has been penalized 58.7 yards per game, Alabama 61.7. Bama has made its only fourth down conversion try, while Arkansas is one for three. Bama has not allowed a fourth down conversion in three tries by opponents, while the Razorbacks have given up one of two. Bama leads the league in time of possession, 35:02 per game, while Arkansas is fifth, 30:34.

Arkansas has scored 14 of 16 times in the red zone (12 touchdowns, two field goals), Alabama 13 of 15 (10 touchdowns, three field goals). The Razorbacks' red zone touchdowns have been nine passes, three runs, while Bama has five passes and five runs. Bama has given up only one score (a passing touchdown) in three Red Zone opportunities by opponents, which is best in the SEC, while Arkansas is tied with Mississippi State as worst in the league, allowing six scores in seven chances (two rushing touchdowns, two passing touchdowns, two field goals).

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